In preparation for the Reyes Adobe Days 10-Miler this Saturday, I’ve been running lots of hills lately. Which is why I trudged through 5.25 miles in 42 minutes around Wildwood in 94-degree heat this morning after I dropped off the kids at preschool.

I should have run on the tready before the sun came up this morning when the hubster got up to go to work, but that didn’t happen. I always think I know more than the weather people do.

Anyway, I decided to spend the last day of being thirty trying to convince my kids that buying a Halloween costume is way cooler than MAKING one! Suck it, Pinterest!


So I loaded ’em up and took ’em to the holy grail of all things awesome.

Yes, that’s what’s left of Kid #2’s banana on the seat. That’s how we roll.

After meeting with an arbitrator, Kid #1 and I came to an agreement that we’d look online for a Thomas the Train costume instead of having to make a police car costume.

Hopefully I won’t have to take her to court.

Kid #2 began flipping out because I forgot her blanket in the car, so we left with the necessities. Grow up, kid. Aren’t you going to be 2 in November?

I’m cheap, so it pained my soul to fork out the 2/$5 V8s when the image of the coupon I had clipped sitting on the kitchen counter burned the backs of my eyeballs. York Peppermint Patties were also on sale, 3/$8. Score.

While See’s is my preferred chocolate, I’ll never refuse a peppermint patty. Especially one that’s frozen.

What’s your favorite store-bought chocolate?