Yesterday’s workout:

6.81 hilly (including the Campus Drive climb) miles/ 55:42

Yesterday was my birthday, and my friends and family both made me feel like the queen that I think I am all day! But ever since I had my first kid four years ago, I’ve felt like my birthday should be a celebration of my mom, not me! Like, we’ve got the whole birthday-thing backwards! It should be more like a birthniverssary for those that raised us.

My husband learned from my reaction to last year’s gift of a new pool heater and is having my very own Cooperfish surfboard shaped for me! Stoked! Also, best husband ever!


The dogs know the way to my heart.

I always say I don’t want chocolate, specifically See’s, because I try to pretend I’m a health nut, but who am I kidding? This thing will be gone in two days. And I don’t share.


My birthday suit.

I love a good awkward photo of myself. And my cacti. And my husband’s shadow. Don’t worry. Those desert transplants will be wrapped in Christmas lights on November 1st. You better believe it.


Wishing upon a Susie Cakes.

Once you become a mom, you’ll never ever blow the candles out without some help. We worked on proper form before the party… you know, the “aim high, no spit” form. Success.


Made with lots of love.

I have no words for this one. My kid was just so dang proud, and when I told her my latte tasted better out of her mug this morning, she said simply, “I though so.” Heartmelt.

What has made your heart melt lately?