5.04 easy-peezy, golden-retriever accompanied, hilly miles/ 44:08

3.65 mile walk with the double-stroller and three dogs/ 1:00

I had originally set out to run immediately after dropping my kids off at the best preschool on Earth, but things changed once I started trying on birthday gifts. I love me some new clothes something fierce!

I got my rear in gear an hour later and stepped outside just to chat it up with one of my favorite neighborfriends who was trying to walk her tiny baby to sleep. Gotta say, I don’t miss those days, but I’ll still take anybody’s baby off their hands at any time at the drop of a hat. I offered, she declined, but I plan on stealing him away from her at a later date.

While we were talking, I, for some reason, began to feel guilty about not taking the world’s baddest golden retriever on my last pre-race run. She’s always good company, but she can sometimes miss a light post or become distracted by a lizard or squirrel or trash truck or try to jump into my arms if a chihuahua across the street barks at her, so I don’t always take her.


Post-run dip.

Today was packet pick-up day for the Reyes Adobe Days 10-miler I’m running in on Saturday. A lot of my friends and fellow bloggers would rather have an ingrown toenail removed than go to pick up a race packet, but I actually like it. It pumps me up. I put on my game face, drag my kids in, and take care of business.

I also like to size up the competition, but at 3:00, there wasn’t much competition to size up.

The race is put on by the same people who do The Great Race, and I ran the RAD 10K last year, and it was very well-run. This race is a fraction of the size of The Great Race, so it has more of a home-town feel to it, and the course, while it loses altitude, is quite challenging towards the end, which is why I’ve been running lots of hills lately.

I was done with the pick-up within minutes, which was nice, especially when my youngest was having a major meltdown over her inability to play hide-and-seek in Road Runner.


Swag bag.

As far as goodie bags are concerned, this one pretty much rocked! I also love a good long-sleeve tech-t for when it eventually cools down here in So Cal. Dove deodorant, a PowerBar, pistachios, and a sticker to bribe my kids with were stuffed inside.

I’ll be doing a whole lot of foam rolling and stretching tonight and tomorrow, since my hammy’s been tight since July.

Ideally, I’ll place in my age group and get a sweet beer mug, but after reading an article today in LA S&F about a group of runners who have been part of a four-month DHP Elite Training program in preparation for this race, I’m feeling a little Debbie-downer.

BTW, do you think La Lohan wouldn’t suffer so many asthma-related health issues if she ran a bit?

Feeling better about myself already.

What do you do to stop your inner Debbie Downer? Eat copious amounts of ice cream and chocolate? Read the tabloids? Play the cinnamon challenge with your toddler? Watch a “Honey Boo-Boo” marathon?