Today: Ran a dog-darn slow 5.30 hilly miles in 43:13.

Yesterday: Double-Bob-Three-dog morning 3.5 miles in 1:01

I work part-time, which may or may not mean my brain gets used only part-time. So, after a day of surprisingly cooperative and collaborative WASC writing with minimal eye rolling, my brain was tapped out.

Naturally, I went straight for these:


junk food junkie.

The kettle corn was from the Channel Islands Harbor farmer’s market yesterday, so it’s automatically healthy, right?

Because I didn’t eat lunch, I almost immediately crashed after eating all-sugar-all-the-time. So I had to force myself out of reading the tabloids and into my running gear. My brain was so shot that I accidentally put on my painting shoes to run in. Didn’t realize it until I got home. Oh well.

This insisted on going on the run:


Trying to woo me with her nasty toy.

Talk about awkward. She also peed on the carpet because she was SO DARN EXCITED!

But The Sunshine runs super slow. Every time I take her, she starts out all pumped for the one-on-one attention, but then once she starts the uphill battle, she wants to throw in the towel. Time didn’t matter today, though, since the next run I have is on November 11, the Malibu Supathon.

Things got real for this b-a-d-d-o-g, and I was forced to take pictures of the whites of her eyes at the end:



Sometimes, a slow companion is better than no companion at all, so I’ll take what I can get.

Post-run, my awesome hubs fired up the spa, and we got in with the kids for a little pool-time.

Side note: I only found this out a couple months ago, but did you know that it’s not exactly beneficial at all to soak sore muscles in a spa? While it feels supergood, the hot water actually causes the muscles to swell, slowing the recovery process. It’s much better to ice sore muscles for 15ish minutes at a time immediately following a race.

Because of a superlame work lunch of bottled water and a Cliff bar, and a superhealthy snack of chocolate and frozen minty chocolate, I was pumped for Three Amigos.

Everybody’s happy with Three Amigos:


Everyone loves a little Mexican!

One black bean, rice, and cheese burrito later, I’m a happy camper.

Just like Clifford.


NOT her Halloween costume.

What are you going to be for Halloween?