Today’s Workout:

Hot and sweaty garage run on the TM 5.25 mi.@ 1 incline/ 40 minutes

Walked the two dogs and the girls 3.35 mi./ 54.08 minutes

After thinking long and hard about what my girlfriend Jen had to say about my blog name, and how it should be shorter and whatnot, I made a change. Hence, Hot Chocolate Runner (HCR). So, if you subscribed to my posts, you will need to re-subscribe, since The Art of Running for Chocolate no longer exists.

On a more entertaining note, my girlfriend from down the street brought her kids over to ooh and ahh over my hay bales. Once the girls were out of earshot, we wondered if having attitudinal four-year old girls automatically means that we’re getting the more challenging teen years out of the way in advance. Because that would be pretty sweet.

We sat down at the table to chat and snack on leftover SusieCakes:



I drink a lot of sparkling water. 

Like the chocolate addict that I am, I tried to be sneaky about the cake so the kids wouldn’t suspect anything fun was going on in the kitchen.

So, when Emma put out the warning cry that something terribly wrong had gone on in Olivia’s room, I went to see what had happened before they came out and caught a glimpse of cake. Because I don’t share my cake.

In the 3.5 seconds it took to talk some sense into my girly girl turned ninja warrior and make my way back to my cake, this had happened:



And she didn’t even look guilty:



Lesson learned. I guess it’s better to share cake with my kids than risk losing it to the dog.

One more lesson learned today? Trying to multi-task grading and parenting will always end in a mess:



No spoon? No problem That’s what hands are for.

BTW, the slipcover in the background? Yeah, that’s the handiwork of this one:


You can’t see me (eating this entire Costco jar of PB) if I can’t see you.


What’s the worst thing your furred babies have done?