Today’s workout:

None and done. But I have some writer’s cramp.

I put my big girl pants on today and dedicated serious time to grading student work before the end of the first quarter this Friday.

To get motivated, I did some damage at Lululemon then grabbed some lunch to go from Le Pain Quotidien in the valley. I was into overpaying today.

My purchases at Lulu were a disappointment. I bought these:

Herringbone running pants? Yes, please!

Except for the fact that  they gave me some serious CT. Not appropriate. Ever. Not even on a camel. They’ll be going back.

Lunch was this:

Who needs meat when you have this?

This is my favorite quinoa salad. As a vegetarianish runner (well, I’ll eat some fish, so is that pescatarian? Everything’s so political these days.), I need to make sure I’m getting enough protein, and quinoa is a super-stellar source of protein. I eat A LOT of it, especially because I can make one batch and eat for a couple days off of it. It’s the lazy-man’s diet.

Then, being the health-nut that I am, I followed up my lunch with this:

What? It’s naturalish!

I’ve been taking advice from my 4-year old these days at The Land, and I’ve been putting sprinkles on for added crunch. Both colored and chocolate. Because what is the meaning of life if you can’t put a little chocolate in it?

The sugar shocked my system into tackling this:


In my defense, I collected this today and finished grading it today. Boom.

And I didn’t feel bad at all about neglecting my new running shoes. Mostly because I had eaten a whopper of a cup of Yo’Land, and I most certainly didn’t want a dairy-induced repeat of yesterday’s run.

While I was grading (and avoiding the bloody 300-degree heat outside), This happened:

The death of a friend.

The hedgehog was decapitated and unstuffed, all in the name of the squeaker. Maybe The Sunshine was upset because she knew she wouldn’t get to go for a run this evening. Who knows what that dog is ever thinking?!?!

BTW, in the picture, all the hubs asked her was, “What’s this?”

She’s definitely not a survivor.

In honor of my golden’s lack of intelligence, I learned want to share some interesting news: cucumbers and pickles are the same fruit.

I tried my first pickle today. And hated it. In fact, I tried two varieties! And hated them both.

The hubs, however, ate thirteen pounds of pickles at dinner:

Unlimited pickles.

The man won’t turn down free food.

What won’t you turn down? Did you ever learn something new that you felt like a tool for not knowing?