Today’s workout:

5 miles on the TM @ 8:00/mi. pace. Easy and boring.

Yesterday’s workout:

5.25 miles through The Griswalds Take Halloween to Wildwood in 41:05

I’m throwing my sister and her husband a Halloween baby shower tomorrow, so I did some cake tasting yesterday here:

Doing his best awkward, I-can’t-believe-I-willingly-married-this-crazy-woman-who-drags-me-to-cupcake-shops-on-my-day-off pose.

Frost It is a new cupcakery in Thousand Oaks that I decided to try because I wanted to avoid going into the valley for the tasty treats for tomorrow’s shindig. They’re definitely new and working out the kinks, but the samples I tried were decent, and they will rent cupcake towers for no charge, so we went with them. I’ll let you know tomorrow if they delivered.

My favorite cousin will be at the party, and between the two of us, we know a thing or two about cupcakes. We’ve both developed a refined palate, and (in our dreams) are professional cupcake connoisseurs. So we’ll let you know.

Then, I dragged the poor man back to Lulu to return the CT tights before visiting my bestest friend from high school and her new baby girl who were visiting form Beantown.

I love babies. And these:


Because my girlfriend was there, I felt the need to share with my kids, something I really struggle with when it comes to chocolate. Do they have a refined palate like mine? No, I don’t think so!

One chocolate-covered strawberry in, and Emma channeled her inner ostrich:

Uh, kid? You’re doing it wrong.

Oh, well. I guess the apple doesn’t fall far… wait… nevermind.

I waited until the sun had almost set to escape the heat and go for a run. As I was lacing up my new sneaks, this approached me:

I know ice runs through your veins, but can I please come?

Why do I always say yes?

With all the cross-training she’s been getting (walks, swims, runs, counter-surfing), her times have improved. Keep up the good work, Sunshine.

This is what I came home to today:

Jeeves, I’d like a glass of Pellegrino with a slice of lime and three ice cubes. And a straw.

I wish I was my own dog. This girl has the life.

After I got home, I packed the girls into the car to take them to my mechanic so he could replace my front headlights. Don’t judge me.

I can do a lot of things, but not when it comes to my chariot. And my guy is pretty good at what he does. I never feel like I’ve been “mechanicked” after I’ve gone to him. If you ever need your Volvo worked on, Foreign Carriage Service is the place to go. Hands down.

I asked my guy to take a picture of us, and he most certainly obliged, but not before dropping my camera:

NOT taken with a fish eye lens. Or Instagram.

You can hardly tell from the picture, but this was the damage:

Thank goodness for replacement warranties!

Today’s lesson: a mechanic who is nice enough to take a picture of you with his greasy hands might drop your camera.

I came home, put the girls down for a nap, and drowned my sorrows in this:


And these:

I’m a sucker for salt.

Before going on a run. On the treadmill. Looking out on the world from my garage.

Single tear.

BTW, I totally know what I’m getting my husband for his birthday:

Retribution for the spa heater last year. So excited!

What’s the worst gift you’ve ever received?