Yesterday’s workout:

5.25 cool and drizzly Wildwood miles in 38.05 min.

A marathon of cooking (because I don’t usually cook, and it’s really hard to do, so it’s, by default, a workout)

My yesterday really began Friday night after my super nice and helpful mechanic got my car back in working order.

Because we had to much to do in preparation for my sissy’s shower, I did what every good parent does:

Blinded by the light.

She’s keeping the family tradition of awkward photos alive. I made her a gourmet dinner a la almond butter and jam to go. And we rolled out to Best Buy. The prognosis for the camera should be in within 2-3 weeks courtesy of the Geek Squad.

Then we went to Joann’s:

PJ shoppers.

Unfortunately, I didn’t get the memo that all Joann’s shoppers always have coupons. Public shaming by a fabric store cashier is not funny. Ruby Sunshine must have called ahead to get me back.

I woke up bright and early on Saturday:

Don’t judge.

I was fully ready to get my caffeinated run on, but my loveliest husband didn’t get off his shift on time, so I worked on the menu for the party:

Your invitation must have gotten lost in the mail.

Do you ever have plans to get your run or other exercise in at a specific time, and then something happens out of your control and it makes it all the more (mentally) challenging to get it done later? I remind myself that if I don’t get my run in even when I’ve lost the motivation, I’ll be a raging donkey later, and it’s best to save everybody from my insanity and just do it. And I did it.

Without the dog.

Then I channeled my inner Julia Child, and got crackin’ on the menu:

My favorite sweatshirt forever.

This was the preparation of the roasted butternut squash and sage soup that requires a safe house for distribution. Anybody know a good knife sharpener? We’ve had these knifes forever since we got married, and they’re only good for cutting butter at this point.

 Here are a couple more food shots (since I’m a pretend foodie):
Spinach balls and sun-dried tomato-wrapped basil skewered with pistachio crusted goat cheese. Because I’m that fancy.
If you don’t like a good homemade macaroni and cheese, you are a cold-hearted snake.
Food pics courtesy of my fantastically handsome husband.
I also painted a pumpkin family for my sister:
And, the most important part of the evening:
And my own personal cupcake thief:
The cupcakes were from Frost It, and my tasting partner and I:
Putting our refined palates to work.
thought they met our standards. I’d recommend Frost It. The chocolate cupcakes were especially moist, and they lend out cupcake trees gratis, which is unheard of.
At some point, my mom made a comment about how my husband is shirtless in all of the blog pictures of him, so here’s one more for good measure:
He didn’t need to do the dishes, though:
Whatever saves water, right?
Overall, the party was a success, thanks to teamwork:
and friends who stay to help clean up:
Making sure no crumbs were left outside.
Congratulations to the parents-to-be:
Be jealous of the hippo shirt.
What’s on the worst best shirt you own?