Yesterday’s workout:

5.25 dog darn slow miles through the ‘Wood with plenty of dog friend visits/ 43.20 min.

Ruby Sunshine picked up the pace after she found this treasure by the CLU tennis courts:


Key to negative splits.

Today’s workout:

3.50 miles walking with 4/5 of the girls around CLU

5.00 deathly TM miles

This weekend was exhausting to the max. I threw the shower for my sister Saturday, and when I woke up Sunday, my oldest child was favoring her back leg, so I made a call to the greatest vet on earth, Conejo Valley Veterinary Hospital.

Penelope tried to hide before I even hung up the phone, but I swooped her up:


Eeyore and mama.

and took her to see my favorite doctor over there, Dr. Amy Land. She’s so thorough, and she is more scientist than anything (meaning, she tells it like it is, and it may not come out “nicely,” but at least she’s honest), and I like that in a doctor. I’d highly recommend her.

She put Penelope on “bed rest” for 2-3 weeks. Good thing we live in a shoebox.

Then it was off to the street faire for a little exercise and healthy eating.

I couldn’t tell if Ruby wanted to go or not:


She’s hard to read.

Have you been meeting up with weirdos right and left lately? ‘Cause HOLY SMOKES! The weirdos were out yesterday at the Moorpark Street Faire. Full-on adults (Yes, that’s PLURAL) approached The Sunshine to give her big ol’ bear hugs. One woman even recommended we put a GPS on her so when the homeless people break into our backyard to steal her, we’ll be able to track her. True story.

Maybe we can buy matching Garmins.

I put my liberal arts degree to use:


Skills courtesy of the folk, social, and square dancing class taught by a volleyball coach.

The husband got in some resistance training:


Mush! Mush!

This was our spectacularly nutritious loot:


Gettin’ real in the Whole Foods parking lot.

Candied almonds and kettle corn powered my run, btw. I was out of chocolate.

Ruby must have watched known that the WF parking lot is where the boys are separated from the men, because she put up a fight:


Who’s more awkward?

If you want to see some more awkwardness, come down to Malibu on November 11th for the Malibu Supathon, which runs parallel to the Malibu International Marathon and Half Marathon.

Since I’ve been unable to train for the paddling portion, my idea is to wear some sort of squirrel suit and hope for some downwind action.

Until then, I’ve restocked my fuel:


What? Some of them have peanut butter in them!

What’s your favorite fuel for runs?