Today’s workout:

5 miles on the tready, incline 1, pace progressed from 7.4-8.5, and I was glad it was over.

I am completely over the tready. Like, I’m about ready to call in the divorce lawyers. After running a vast majority of my runs on it for the past 3 years, I need new things to help keep me sane and pumped when I hop on the old friend. Today, I streamed KCLU, my local NPR station. It was okay, but I was more motivated to quit my job and become a Tanzanian Elephants Rights Activist more than anything.

I can’t do Pandora anymore because my assigned intern is falling down on the job.

What do you do to keep things fresh with your relationship with your treadmill???

These came in from Road Runner yesterday:


I run like a girl. Kayano 19s.

Road Runner has the 90-day guarantee, so if these don’t make me Speedy Gonzalez, I’ll sever our relationship in 2.5 and buy a second pair of GT-2000s.

In couponing news, I had a 15% off total purchase coupon at OSH yesterday, and guess what struck my fancy:


Bare midriffs ruled the Fall runways.

We have a yard full of cacti that I insist on wrapping every year, and because they keep growing taller and multiplying like spawns of youknowho, I have to keep buying more lights:


Prepare for 11/1. And don’t judge me.

Hey, at least I saved $30!

Speaking of Christmas, I’m going to be running in the Santa to the Sea in Oxnard on 12/9. There’s a half, a relay, and a 5K.

What holiday race are you running/considering?

Madeline can’t wait for Christmas. She’s hoping Santa will bring her a sweater after today’s grooming debacle.

Last night:


Sunshine losing to the Yorkie in a battle royale.

I guess everybody loses to Madeline. Except for the groomer. Who listened to my delirious husband who, after being up all night at work, came home this morning and told the groomer, “Just do the same thing you did last time.”

Last time was in July. When it was 100 degrees out. And clothing was optional.

This evening:


Don’t cry for me, Argentina.

I don’t know what’s worse: the pink skin showing or the tear-stained face?

The groomer called the hubs in the middle of the day to suggest that we give her a sedative next time. I guess she wasn’t a happy camper. And that may be an understatement.


Penelope is still unimpressed. Her “dancing shoes” were removed.

Needless to say, anyone who deals with Madeline Dandelion Rose and her bucket of ‘tude deserves a big tip.

Because you couldn’t pay me enough money to get a set of shears near that dog’s face. I’d like to keep my two hands, thankyouverymuch.