Today’s workout:

5.30 mi. through Wildwood/ 41.20 min. (but only because three of my girlfriends posted their training runs on FB, and one of my friends completed a half, and I’m a competitive diva… cheers, friends!)

3.12 mi. walk up and around hay fever central/ 55 min.

Posting good runs (and bad ones that you loathe but still complete) on FB is a good way to not only hold yourself accountable, but also motivate us weaklings to get our rears out of a chair and our faces out of the See’s box, and into our shoes and on the road.

So, thanks, friends, for motivating this lazy bum to go for a run! Especially Veronique, who ran over 10 today, and with whom I’ll be running the Malibu Half Marathon in two weekends.

In more disturbing news, you might have read about my first encounter with a pickle. And now, this:


Waste of money.

David Beckham’s doppleganger’s been home all weekend, so I haven’t had a chance to figure out how to dispose of this without A.) him noticing; B.) smelling the stench of rotting thosethatmustnotbenamed in the garbage cans; and C.) having to touch a jar of them.

Pray for me.

Have you ever been to the Santa Barbara Zoo? We’ve been members for years, but we’ve never been to Boo at the Zoo until this year. 


Awkwardness is genetic. Except for cute Clifford. She’s not mine, but I wish she was.

What a great fundraiser! Parking was off the heezy, so we parked in front of my dream home several blocks away, and when we walked in, this happened:


What’s worse? The awkward photo or my awkward photography skills?

I’m claiming it’s the camera. It’s a fancy pants camera, and I work much better under the ease of my point-and-shoot that’s at the doctor’s office right now.

I was also reminded of why I live in CA:




I guess I should have put on some makeup. My bad.

I also got to watch my kid try to cheat the slots:


Her cousin told her to do it. 

Nothing like peer pressure.

The coolest part was the nighttime train ride, something the zoo never does:


Real men wear their daughter’s blankies as scarves.

Then, I decided to change my kids’ lives by taking them through the drive through of In n’ Out in Ventura for the first time last night. It caused confusion on the part of both backseat drivers (food ordered through a speaker delivered through a window? that’s crazy talk!), but, in the end, they realized it was pretty cool.


Heeeeeyyyyyy! What’re missing from this are her glow sticks. Untz.

Some of you have sent me messages about Penelope. Well, after we went for our walk this morning (she’s supposed to be on “bed rest,” so she didn’t get to come), we came home to this:


Just doing some light cleaning, you guys. You can thank me later.

And some of you inquired about poor little Maddie and her nekkid baby hair do:


If you can’t say anything nice…

Finally, for those of you who were wondering, 11/1 is the official open season for Christmas decorating. At least for those who continue to take down their Christmas lights after every holiday season. I learned this from my sister.

I figure there’s no other time to celebrate the season with flare. It’s festive, brings our community together, and it makes people smile, which is what I aim for.

To prepare for this day, I forcedat gunpoint asked my husband in my most sincerely nicest voice to please get the lights down so we can start testing them out to see what we need to replace:


He doesn’t let the girls help him dress. It’s all him.

Be jealous that my home gym is also where we keep extra beer, wine, and holiday decor.

Later, we took the girls to my inlaws’ church for a spooktacular trunk or treat event where I snapped this epic photo of Emma:


High-waisted skirts are back with a vengeance. She dresses herself.

And, finally, this may come as a shock to my mother:


Thank goodness hair grows back.



What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger, kid.

And that, my friends, is the weekend wrap-up.

When do you start decorating for the holiday season?