Sooo… I’m super excited because DB (David Beckham) and I have the SAME EXACT work schedule this week! That means we have dedicated Tuesday and Thursday mornings to long paddles around da ‘bu while the chilrun are in preschool. We’ll most likely be paddling from Latigo up around Point Dume and back.

Because nothing says dedication quite like a little crash course in training paddles before a race!


I’m pretty sure we’re one of those families that will never have their library cards revoked because we return books late ALL THE TIME, which means that we provide our local gem of a library with relatively steady income. Today’s fine: $7.00.


So many choices, so little time!

It’s great to be a child of nerds.


My library’s better than yours!

We went just before closing and came home to this crime scene:



Yes, her head was stuck in the handle of the basket.

I told her she was too old to be doing bad-dog things like that. She told me she didn’t care, and I’m lucky she didn’t eat my log of goat cheese sitting in the refrigerator.

Then Olivia tried to invite Ruby to Temptation Island:


Not cool, you guys.

Yes, that’s sand on our pumpkin. On the table. Beach life fo eva, yo!

Those are black beans, BTW. In case you were curious.

I know a couple of you are doing the Malibu Half Marathon in two weekends, and if you’d like to chat about it, I might have a piece or two of advice. Malibu was my first half, and I know that the advice given to me by “running mentor”(she doesn’t know I refer to her as that) was infinitely helpful, especially for that race.

Also, I finally put my ego in check and called for an appointment to have my hammy checked out. I wrecked it in a race on July Fourth, and I’ve been too bull-headed to do anything about it. Until now. I have an appointment tomorrow afternoon.

Wish me luck.