Workout Yesterday:

4.63 mi. paddle from my second favorite beach in Malibu to my top favorite beach and back in 1:01

6.25 mi. run hitting up as many hills in Thousand Oaks as possible

The Malibu Supathlon is next weekend, and I’m stokednervous. Running races on foot is pretty predictable, and usually, the only things that vary (assuming race support is off the heezy) are your mind and body. But, with the Supathlon, you get what Mother Nature gives you.

If I can finish the run portion fast enough, I’m hoping to avoid the potential for another upwinder like we experienced paddling South yesterday. The wind wasn’t strong, but it was still enough to slow my paddling pace.

The other thing I’m weirded out by is my lack of SUP race paddles. I have no idea how fast my pace should be on race day (according to my Garmin, it varies between 13:15 and up, depending on how focused I am and the conditions), what my nutrition should look like, if negative splits are possible, etc. 

I’ve never actually done a du- or triathlon, so I’ve also never experienced a “transition zone.” I have plans to email my running mentor tonight to see what advice she has to give me on this.

Do you have any tips?

My special ray of Sunshine has wanted to train with me the past couple days, but I’ve just given her the cold shoulder. So she hit up Emma to practice some other special skills:


Digging for gold to pay the rent.

Sunshine clearly didn’t want to make a big deal about it. Because she’s so mature in her interactions with her peers, she was more than deserving of a Trick or Treating trip around the block:


Keeping the neighborhood riffraff in check.

The only reason that I really love Halloween is the fact that November 1st is the next day, which means OPEN SEASON FOR XMAS DECORATING!!!

First things first, though. I’m all about nutrition to maximize performance, so I fueled up first:


Trying to catch these cacti a ride outta here.

I might be the only person in the world who fawns over the glory that is Pretzel M&Ms, but they give me supersecret saltysweet safety powers to do this:


Conquering my fear of heights for a good reason.

I only pricked myself three times. But I also only wrapped two cactus stems, or whatever you call them.

I threatened to let Ruby Sunshine sleep on the bed if David Beckham didn’t start putting together the big ticket items:


He dresses himself.

At least he wasn’t rocking the Crocs.

After spending the morning paddling and the afternoon decorating, my girlfriend and I took a hilly run around the ‘hood:


Yes, I dress myself.

This was a fun run because I usually don’t have anyone to talk to, and I never bring music, and I rarely spend alone time with non-kids, so I’m sure I drove her mad with my stories. So it was at least fun for me.

This was also the last day-lit evening run of the year for me, since DB is at work until tomorrow morning and we’re celebrating someone’s second birthday tomorrow night.

I won’t tell you who it is, but she likes to dig for gold.

To mark the event, I’ll be picking up this first thing tomorrow:


Thank goodness for the Geek Squad!

I told the Geek Squad I wanted my camera to be fixed. It was taking too many awkward photos of me. 

Happy Friday, people.

If you feel moved to do so, donate to the Humane Society. They’re working to rescue and provide shelter and homes to animals affected by Hurricane Sandy. I prefer dogs to humans most days, so do a good deed and help a fur friend out.