Our house was full of family and friends all day yesterday, which is a legitimate excuse for not running. Never mind the fact that I could have woken up at 6 to hoof it on the tready. It was a done deal.

My preggo sisterbestfriend and her husband were busy moving into their first home together (5 minutes away! I can’t even begin to tell you how happy this makes me!), so I watched the best niece and this piece of awkwardness:


You guys, I’m so sorry… I just got really excited…

who did this naughty piece of business:


And I thought Sunshine was bad.

It’s cool, though. When you have a kid like mine, it’s NBD. Thank goodness DB was there to clean it up.

I managed to sneak the little birthday girl out for a special treat, but first, we stopped to chat with the Geek Squad and pick up my repaired camera:


I heart the lady behind us. She photobombs well.

Then we hit up one of my favorite places in the Conejo:


Gelato + Espresso = Happiness

Look at that kid’s face! She ordered her two favorite colors, pink and orange, and I ordered an affogato with stracciatella from Paciugo. Nothing can get in the way of me and my gelato. Not even crazyrude mall parking lot space-stealing (times 2!) drivers. Even surfers at my favorite spot are more cognizant of parking etiquette on a big swell day!

Don’t worry… my bitterness was swept away with the first taste of the affogato.

We were visited by a very good friend from college who brought Emma a birthday treat, and then it was time for the family to come over to celebrate Emma’s second birthday!


Good thing there were two firefighters and one police officer in the house.

Things got a little out of control, and I had to bring in the hired help to wash the floors:


The human Swiffer.

We only lost two wine glasses last night. We buy them by the case at Costco, and I think we’re doing pretty well to have only lost 5 in the past year. I think they’re something like $20 for 24 glasses.

Now for some race news: 

Malibu is next weekend (as is Santa Barbara, for those of your trotting up the coast), and for the past couple of days, it’s been breezy early, which is no bueno for me and my paddling skills. Unless, of course, it’s at my back.

If you’re interested in running Santa to the Sea on December 9th, use discount code Jingle 10 for 10% off. There’s a half, a relay half, a 5K, and a kids’ 1K.

Happy Sunday!