Today’s Workout:

5.25 mi. in under 40 minutes, but who knows how long it really took because my friend Garmin petered out on me after mile 1.

Last night was a really awful night. Like, really mentally taxing in a major way. First, on our way out to Trader Joe’s to pick up Emma’s birthday treat for school, I noticed this:



I didn’t just notice it, I reeled over it! As in a head-shaking, finger-snapping, arm-waving Oh No She Di’in’t kind of reeled. You know what kills me? My good friendneighbor may or may not have taken down her lights after last Christmas.

I immediately got on the horn (who says that anymore???) with DB to inform him that with our snail-like pace in decorating, the dang lazies across the street managed to plug theirs in IN MY FACE!!! 

What did he do today?



But I’m not a good judge of distance, and I only replaced enough lights to cover the triangley area over the garage at OSH last the other week. Oh, well. Thankfully, it’s only November 6. I gots time.

Wells, the girls and I pulled into the abode, opened the door, and there was nothing but complete silence. Anyone with dogs knows that when there’s complete silence, something major went down. We’re talking mafia hit major.


My hand-picked half pound of See’s. Dead.


The remaining 9 marshmallow-filled pumpkins. Dead.

I was so super excited to share the glory of the sale chocolate (for serious, people. I may not like to share chocolate, but I was really honestly going to treat some of you today!).

There’s only one dog who has mastered the art of counter-surfing, and she was self-exiled to her crate:


Avoiding eye contact is a sign of a secret-hider.

Disclaimer: No animals were harmed in the making of yesterday evening. While all chocolate is bad for dogs to consume, milk chocolate is the better option, as the cocoa percentage is lower than in dark or extra-dark. And, if you’ve ever owned a retriever (golden or lab), this crap happens more often than I’d like to admit.

In running news, I had my visit with the physical therapist today, and she ran me through a battery of tests and did some ultrasound heat therapy, but she said that I have a pulled hamstring, which I should be thankful for because a pulled hammy in runners is usually secondary to IT band issues (something my girlfriend V knows a lot about) and/or knee and tendon issues.

She said she’d teach me to use Kinesio Tape at our next visit. I guess I’ll look like Kerri Walsh:


What is there not to love about her???


Happy election day.

And happy wine club day.


Already post-it noted for opening years and in the cellar fridge.

I only pretend to be classy, y’all.