Today’s run:

5.35 Ruby Sunshine-infested miles through the ‘Wood/ 42.02

Yesterday’s run:

5 miles even on the TM/ 36 min. to Pandora‘s Christmas station

You know how when you’re moving and/or buying a house, one of the biggest things you worry about is whether there will be some creepo across the street?

Well, I literally hit the neighborhood jackpot in our little ‘hood. While we live in a shoebox in which some alcoholic crabby patty died and wasn’t discovered for 10 days until the mail lady/knower of all things realized that his mail was stacking up and called the cops, who then had to call Crime Scene Cleaners to rip out any and all drywall and carpet that looked like it had bodily fluid on it and bleach every other surface (true story), we have quite possibly the best neighbors IN THE WORLD.

I mean, how many of you can actually say that you live on the same street as two of your best friends whom you met after moving to the block? And in the L.A. area? Seriously, people! This is unheard of!



As it turns out, my friendneighbor/Christmas decorating competitor made my day yesterday after the travesty of the lost chocolate.


It’s chocolate, people. Gosh. Grow up!

Normally, one would be completely weirded out if someone snuck into one’s home gym without presenting a valid ID, but not me! To my neighborfriend, I thank thee immensely for MAKING MY DAY!!! You’re welcome in the gym any day!

Earlier in the morning, while the eldest child was exercising her mind in preschool, Emma and I contemplated the more serious matters of the household.


How many blondes does it take to make a pony tail?

Sunshine just rolled her eyes:


Earth to blondie: you can’t make a pony tail with your thumb.

I told her it was rude to judge someone by her hair color.

She said she’d heard that redheads are a dying breed, and I needed to be more respectful of her temper.

Skinny Runner, a superfast runner and blogger whose blog I’ve been reading for a couple months, is HIlarious and seems to know a thing or two about running products, so when she teamed up with Bic Bands to raise money for Hurricane Sandy vics, I snapped up two three-packs of the Skinny Runner-special, and they came yesterday.


One set for moi, one set for my superawesome runnercousin.

I am a supersnob when it comes to headbands, and the only ones that I’ve liked are the Lululemon ribbon bands, but after testing out all three of the bands that came in the mail, I can now say with 100% confidence that they’re amazing.


Another awkward picture. Just keepin’ it real, people.

They stay put when running (road and TM-tested!), are ultra stylish, and aren’t all corporatey. In fact, the chick who owns Bic Bands will donate $1 from every headband sold during the month of November to Hurricane Sandy vics, and the charity changes each month. Until December 31, you can get free shipping on your order using the code FreeShip12.

Now, I know what you’re thinking. How could HCR’s day get even more amazing?


Espresso + gelato = minimindvacation

Gosh, I love me some Nespresso and leftover birthday gelato!

If I ever win the money jackpot, I’ll for sure no-questions-asked open a gelato/espresso shop, Firenze-style, con vino.

I wonder what they were wishing for:


One was wishing for a pony, the other for her thumb to turn into a pony tail.

I was wishing for a rainy run this afternoon, but all I got was this:


I like my eggs scrambled.

REMINDER: In case you haven’t heard, the Malibu packet pickup has been moved the Malibu Inn. Let’s hope this isn’t a sign of things to come. Third time’s a charm, right?

Good thing I’m picking up DB’s packet. The last time he was at the Inn was in college, and he was given the ol’ heave ho and was told to never return. Ever. I’ll let him guest blog about that some day.

What are you wearing to your race this weekend?