3.75 mile walk around CLU/ 55 min.

4 mile jog on the TM/ 32 min.

I woke up in with a major ‘tude today, and not even the most glorious walk around the neighborhood could snap me out of it. It probably didn’t help that I didn’t eat breakfast because the power was out. And I insist on a super-big, warm breakfast or it’s no breakfast at all. Because I’m a bit looney and obsessed with breakfast in a major way.

And DB can testify in a court of law that if I’m not well-fed, he’d rather eat rusty nails than deal with my ‘tude.

Thankfully, I have two brilliantly wonderful friends who played therapist for me. I had them trapped in my car on the way to Malibu to pick up our packets for the Malibu Half and SUP, and I’m pretty sure they won’t make that mistake again.

Packet pick-up was easy and uneventful, and I was relieved to find that the stuff that I strip off at the transition will, in fact, be transported back to the finish. That is, if I make it to the finish. There seemed to be a lot more SUP bibs than I thought there would be, which is nerve-wracking because I’m super competitive and I know that I my paddling isn’t the strongest.


My two therapists and the girls.

While we were at the Malibu Inn with my cabby patty lack-of-food mood, the girls channeled their inner college-aged daddy:


Where’s the karaoke machine?

Then, my SIL, V, the girls, and I went to lunch at Le Pain Quotidien in Calabasas where I sat next to Grumpy Bear number 2.


What’d your mom tell you about making faces?

I ordered the same thing I usually order.


I had lunch with two other adults!!!

On the way back from lunch, I was called out on my crap by my SIL, and I appreciated it. She reminded me that I have the power to either allow or not let outside forces affect me, and I need to remember that I have to let go and let God.

Then she gave me a one-two punch to the face a chiropractic adjustment that adjusted my body and my mind. I seriously felt like a new person.

If you need a good chiropractor, let me know. She’s amazeballs.

I am thankful for good friends who are also family. V and Kim, you two saved my day.