3.65 mi. walk to inspect the ‘hood/ 54 min.

I don’t know what to do with myself right now. My superawesomelywonderful mom is taking care of my kids today so DB and I could go see The Book of Mormon and then struggle through what could be a very challenging SUPathlon tomorrow AM. That is, if the wind models are correct. And after all the laughingsohardIcry-ing I did today at the theater, I’m pretty sure that if God lives on his own planet, he’ll be making the wind blow so hard in my face that my hair falls out.


Dear God…

DB is loading up the boards for tomorrow, then perhaps we’ll go out to dinner at a restaurant and actually talk to each other and take our time and enjoy the food and wine! Let me know if you want to meet up for drinks!

After DB got home from his shift this morning, the dogs dragged us around the ‘hood in frigid temps.



I’d fail so miserably on the East Coast, or anywhere else for that matter. I’m good with 60s, but anything lower, and I’m a big ol’ wuss.

California girl, fo sho.

Then we flew down the 101 to this historic landmark where I took all kinds of touristy pictures:



This was our view:



Does it get any better than front row, center Mezzanine seating??? I don’t think so.


Dang tourists.

The best part was photobombing other people’s photos afterwards. I mean, not that we’re so immature and lame to do something that childish…

After the show, as DB was putting the boards on his truck, our sweet British neighborfriend brought over some winter coats she thought we could use.


Working with another difficult patient.

Madeline was obviously waiting for hers.


This is for all you cat people out there.

Just kidding. I don’t do anything nice for cat people. Except my runningcousin.

Well, the gear is out:


I overpack. What? I’m a girl!

I’m bringing multiple LS shirts to pick from at the transition depending on the wind and the temp. I was advised by one of the water safety dudes to pack light for the paddle, ’cause it’s short, and he even recommended not bringing hydration, which I think is probably fine. So my big plan is to suck down some Gatorade while I’m changing into a dry shirt (a super recommendation from my superathlete running mentorfriend.)


Ready for the early wake-up call.

Wish me luck!

A huge congratulations to reader Tricia for completing the Santa Barbara Half today! Way to go, girl!

And a big good luck to DB, Kim, Veronique, and Meredith, and all the other runners running the marathon, half, or SUP tomorrow in Malibu. Rest up!

As for me, I’m going out for drinks!