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Oh, wait…


Paddled for 4.75 mi. around my favorite part of Malibu/ 1:05

Ran 7.11 hilltastic mi./ 56:03 min.

Since last Sunday, I’ve been sitting around acting a foo’.


Supernerd, right here!

I was transported back to grad school with my dueling computers, all because I procrastinated. My job is pretty sweet because The Man will pay us a heavily-taxed (but much appreciated) bonus at the end of the school year if we write and publish original Quadrant-D and/or technology units. Of course I left it to the last minute before the deadline. Because that’s how I roll.

I would never make it at a desk job, that’s for sure!

Now that I’m back, I want to share some interesting parts of my week:

1. The “Secret” Chinese Menu.

I read about this on the Today Show website back in July. We decided to order take out from Chang 101, our local Chinese place, earlier this week, and when I asked the man working if the veggie soup was made with veggie stock (it isn’t), he recommended their “seasonal” vegetables. They were “special… not on the regular menu,” he said.

I asked him what menu it was on, and he pointed to the Chinese printed menu outside. He said that soon they would have snow pea greens, but right now they had fresh sweet potato greens, which he highly recommended.

I bit.


Is taking awkward photos genetic?

The last time Olivia played in a pile of leaves was when she was a baby (we’re beach people… don’t judge), I earned my mother of the year award by failing to notice that the scab in her ear was really a tick until it started crawling around a month later on the day MJ died. True story.

Here’s my secret meal:


I am infinitely cooler having ordered off the secret menu.

They were cooked perfectly, and I feel like the foodie that I’ve always aspired to be.

2. Preparing fo the holiday season.

I went to the market today to stock up on the provisions I’ll need to make apple crisp, pumpkin pie, pecan pie, and some sort of sweet potato dish, and I was reminded of the controversy in our household over the summer when we went to grill sweet potatoes, but they were not the orange I’m accustomed to. It turns out, yams are orange. I’m cooking yams, people. And calling them sweet potatoes.

And I’ll probably end multiple sentences with prepositions by the end of this post.


Aren’t I a shining example of healthy eating?

Don’t think I’m totally awesome just yet. The best is yet to come…

3. Safety first.

With the sun going down at noon during these short days, I rock the Cal Trans look on my runs.


Blinded by the light. I’m awesome.

Even though I begin my runs before the sun has set, it gets dark fast. Even in low light, I want to be visible to drivers. I’m not the biggest fan of this running vest because it flops around a lot and has velcro, so I don’t like to wear it with a lot of my Lululemon tops, but it gets the job done.

4. If I could marry a store, it’d be Costco.

Especially during the holiday season, because they have all my favorite wines and magnums!


How fast will this be emptied on Thanksgiving? I’m awesome.

Probably faster than I ran the first leg of the SUPathlon last weekend! Kidding. Kinda.

Good buys at Costco this week include Wild Horse pinot noir (a decent everyday pinot) for $10.49 and Cupcake chardonnay (a decent everyday chard) for $6.97! Steals, if you ask me!

We also snagged a Cambria chard magnum, a Kendall Jackson chard magnum, and two of the Cambria pinots. We poured Cambria at our wedding at the Malibu West Beach Club back in the day, so it’s special to our family. And I like giant bottles of wine, so why not?

After I spent half of a paycheck on wine and toilet paper, the non-vegetarians grubbed on a classy $1.50 dinner.


Costco is the Best of Ventura County winner for best hot dog, btw.

What’s your favorite thing to by at Costco that’s special for the holiday season?

A friendly reminder that the Santa to the Sea 10% off discount code expires tomorrow. Enter JINGLE10 at checkout.