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3 mi. on the TM @ incline 1, 8.5 (7:03); 3 mi. @ 7.5 (8:00) for a total of 6 mi. 

I was hoping to get in a rainy run today, but an OT shift opened up for the husband (I can’t call him David Beckham anymore. See below), and we need new slipcovers for the couches, so that was that.

I tried to run 3 miles at 7ish minutes/mi. because I’m trying to decide if I want to do the Conejo Valley Turkey Day Dash 5K on Thursday. I’ve never run a 5K, and while I know this is more of a fun run, I’m not sure about the short distance. I think I’m more of a 15K/10-miler/half marathon girl. I’ll just say that running 3 in 21:09 was hard, and I’m not sure I could do it on the road, which is why I do my speed work on the TM.

Instead, I splashed around the Conejo with these:


I love me some Royals!


Fashion icon to her little toddler room cronies.

And Ruby Sunshine tried to convince me that she need to go swimming. Like, in the worst way.


It’s right up there, guys! Unlock it! Just open it up! I ate over thirty minutes ago! I’m good!

I denied her request, but since nothing dampens this dog’s spirits, she thought she’d kiss up to me a little by rescuing the screaming slingshot monkey from the rain.


What a sweet and thoughtful girl.

I told her to grab a towel and wipe up her mess, but she just stared at me, wagging her tail, obviously proud of what she’d done.

Remember the day my husband took the small and medium dog to the groomer for a summer cut last month just before the temps dropped into the (gasp!) 60s?

Well, my husband likes to cut his own hair with some kind of adjustable hair clippers, and the other evening, after he had trimmed his locks, I politely informed him that he had missed a spot on the back of his head.

NBD. That’s an easy fix!

I sat down to watch “Ice Loves Coco“, and he went to fix his hair (I could have totally done this for him, but I’m so glad I didn’t!)

I heard the Yorkie singing a Justin Timberlake song from his days after Brit Brit, which was strange… nobody interrupts my reality TV on DVR!!!


“Better?” he asked.

The gasp that flew out of my mouth scared the medium and large dogs.

“That bad, huh?”

“Yeah, you better go see for yourself.”

What’s better, though? A jank haircut or a good prison cut?


What goes around, comes around!

Madeline seemed a bit more confident after that, and I tried to make her feel even better by putting a hand-me-down baseball jacket from her cousin Tanky-C Chihuahua on her.


Still cold, Mom. And I’m a princess, not a dude. And I’m certainly not a chihuahua.

Now that I know what this dog is capable of, I’ll be going out to buy her a new sweater today.