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5.35 hilly miles through Wildwood/ 50:20

3 miles on the TM/ 24 min. (in protest of the pile of laundry needing to be folded)

The Conejo Valley Turkey Day Dash is just around the corner, and while I haven’t signed my bald husband or myself up yet, I’ll get it done tomorrow at Road Runner Sports. I’m actually excited about it. I figure I’ll get in 5-6 miles early in the morning, then suit up for the big dash around my ‘hood with my turkeyhusband, my lil’ Native American, and my pilgrim. I haven’t decided what to dress Sunshine as, but I’d like her to go as a pilgrim. Oh, and my bald husband doesn’t know he’s going to be a turkey yet, so, yeah.


Also running will be my anti-running friend who runs in denial, her Ironman husband, and her superfast boy and amazing girl, and a few more of you readers.

So, I’m thankful for legs to run, a family  and friends with whom I run, and people (presumably in China) who make adult-sized turkey costumes. But, again, don’t tell the bald eagle.

i’m also thankful for the best preschool in the world, which has my kids participating in Gifts of Hope.

“This is a project through Lutheran World Federation which lists the many needs of children and families in Kakuna Kenja. Money donated may either go toward school improvements such as desks, chairs, chalkboards,or fixing dilapitated restrooms, medicines, mosquito nets, antibiotics, and diagnostic tests to test and fight malaria, or last but not least animals used for food or income.”

To earn money, my kid is supposed to do chores, and then she will donate the money towards this organization. The most awesome part of this is that I get to see how responsible my kid actually is.


Taking care of high maintenance dogs.

This is amazing to me because she has to feed three dogs, one of whom eats grain and potato free food due to allergies (the Cavalier King Charles), another who prefers the grain and potato free and eats every other meal (the Yorkie), and the other who eats more than the aforementioned two, and could give a (no pun intended) crap which food she eats (guess who). We have two food bins, and not only is she meticulous about how much food she scoops out, but she also always makes sure they get the correct food.

This sounds insane. And it is. In my next life I’m totally coming back as one of my own dogs.

I am thankful for a daughter who always blows me away by showing me what she is capable of if I give her the opportunity.

She gets ten cents per feeding. I’m cheap.


Piggy bank.

I’m sure if she went over to her Nana’s house, she’d be earning three-digit cents, but I’m not Nana, and I don’t want this kid thinking she can extort me.

I’m also thankful for Nana for watching the girls when I run races and for watching them for my work Christmas party. And for making my kids feel like they’re something special.

Want to know how I make myself feel special?


My bipolar table. Grading and Yogurtland.

All I can say is HOLYCOWILOVEBROWNIEBATTERFROZENYOGURTSOMUCH!!! The egg nog is wonderful, too. If you’re an egg nog person. Which I may or may not be, depending on the day. I think these two flavors are only available this week, so I’ll be visiting the ‘land more times than not, for sure!

I’m thankful for Yogurtland.

I’m thankful for so much, and I thank God every day for providing my family with such a wonderful life. We are truly blessed.

Well, I’m finally off to tackle this:


If you don’t have kids and are considering it or if you have one kid and are considering another, don’t look at this picture. Also, don’t look at this picture if you have three or more kids. Because you’ll envy my life.

By the way, if anyone knows a way I can get my paws (pun intended… gosh, I crack myself up!) on a pilgrim costume for a golden retriever, please FB message me or leave me a comment.