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5.30 easy peezy miles through Wildwood/ 42:25

I figured I didn’t have to labor through my run today because somebody else was taking care of that.


Cursing beautifully.

That’s right, folks! And just like that, my Thanksgiving rules all Thanksgivings.

Emma and I spent the morning together at Trader Joe’s eating pumpkin pie samples until we got the evil eye.


Fueling with fruit leathers.

It’s kinda like Costco on a Sunday after church, but smaller, and with wine samples. And if you’ve never been to TJ’s the day before turkey day…

Let’s just say I pawned my parking spot for $5.

In chocolate eating news, I have a lot of explaining to do to my friendneighbor who left these in my mailbox yesterday in honor of our house-lighting ceremony:


My dog’s cool trick is that she can read minds.

So exciting!

Except that the house lighting didn’t happen because my sissy was busy giving me a new niece, and I couldn’t let Momo’s last day as an only go to waste.

So, we loaded these in the wagon:


The two with a clinger. Bahahahahaha! I crack myself up.

Who brings a wagon to the mall anyway?

Someone with the humor of a twelve-year old boy.

Well, since Momo was on borrowed time for being an only child, we gave her the works. See’s and gelato!


Dear moms with more than two kids,
How do you do it?!?! I’d need an affogato con stracciatella every day to keep this up!

Oh, and thank goodness for husbands who rock. And for custom packed gelato to go from Paciugo to complement my apple crisp for tomorrow’s festivities.

I was so happy to run into an old friend at the mall that I biffed using the coupon (sad!), but didn’t forget to buy the chocolate.

I even picked up a little box of hand-picked butterscotch squares and scotchmallows for my friendneighbor. She’s got a busy two days ahead of her, so this should tide her over until the OFFICIAL house lighting ceremony (TBD, but wine will definitely be served).


Hi! I’m waiting outside in the cold! The gnome behind me keeps giving me creepy looks.

The best part of my day, though, was meeting my newest snuggler! And at a hospital where an old friend from high school works! The holidays are weird that way.



Congratulations to my sissy and her husband on their newest addition!

We’ll most likely also be bailing on the race tomorrow because of our slumber party tonight. But we might go rogue and walk in the opposite direction, completely costumed. We’ll see.

Either way, have a great run, people. And Happy Thanksgiving to you all.