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Workout Yesterday:

Trudged 5.30 miles through the ‘wood PLUS

3.30 miles to the trail and back, with sunshine/ 1:02:20

Running is such a hugely important part of my day that I actually set my alarm yesterday for 6:00 AM to get my run in so that I could have plenty of time to finish the baking I didn’t get done yesterday. It’s been a while since I ran early (races not included), and I have to admit, I might to it again soon. It was so peaceful, and the view of the Wildwood trails was absolutely breathtaking.

The Turkey Day Dash was being set up while I ran, so I’m sure I looked like one of those wackos that “warms up” with 5 miles for a race that’s only 3 (oh, wait… that’s what I was going to do!).

Well, as I was running around the corner towards my house, a little old lady with a little white dog gave me a talking to about how I need a dog.

Way to guilt me into it, lady.

I think Ruby had her game face on, fully expecting to go to the race, ’cause she hauled! She might have also been irritated because my mom said she looked like she put on a little weight, which may or may not be true.


Strength training is just as important as cardio.

Don’t judge.

Then we got baking.


NOT picking a wedgie.

I was flipping off my oven for petering out ON THANKSGIVING!!!

And then it was off to the races. And if you split holiday time with two or more families, you know what “the races” are.

My oldest put on her costume she was going to wear to the Dash to my parent’s house.


Things get a little crazy when small people have access to Lindor truffles.

So cute, right? My little Native American sporting her mama’s Bic Band is the cutest dang thing I’ve ever seen.

And my mom, who is the rockingest moms of all, made the cornbread stuffing (my hands-down favorite Thanksgiving dish) vegetarian!!!

Before I leave you with the gem of gems, here’s a Black Friday deal that you can’t afford to pass up:

Through the end of today only (11/23), you can register for the lowest price available for the Great Race of Agoura.

Here’s a breakdown of your options:

Cheseboro Half: one of the more challenging and gorgeous halfs I’ve ever run. It starts downhill on the streets, and then climbs and winds through sometimes single-track trails only to descend the last 2.5 or so miles for a fast finish. It’s a badge of honor to have run this one, and you’ll never forget the views. It starts close to the finish. $60.

Pacific Half: I haven’t done this one, but it’s less popular than the Cheseboro. It starts at Paramount Ranch and winds through similar roads as the RAD 10-miler. $60.

Old Agoura 10K: A Runner’s World top 10K, this one passes through horse country. It’s beautiful, and there are a couple challenging but small climbs, and race organizers are good about picking up the horse poop before the race begins. There are two waves. $29.

Deena Kastor 5K: An abbreviated version of the 10K. $25.

Kid’s Mile and the Fun Run. Both $20.

UPDATE: The husband and I are in for the Cheseboro again. I couldn’t pass up another chance to run that absolutely stunning course.

Prices increase tonight at midnight, and there’s never any discount code for these races. The post race party is a force to be reckoned with, and you’ll be more than satisfied with all the goodies, bounce houses, burritos, pancakes, etc. at the end.

And now, for the gem of gems:


No words. Just, no words.

Am I the luckiest girl in the world or what?!?!