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3.60 mile walk with the dogs, the double Bob, and the husband/ 50 min.

8.15 mi. run around the crowded hills of Wildwood/ 1:04

I had ZERO motivation to run today. In fact, I would have been perfectly content to sit around reading tabloids and watching “The Real Housewives of BH” (Can you believe Yolanda’s house?!?! It’s purely magnificent! And she seems so nice!), but I drank four gallons of espresso from my life source Nespresso, and I definitely want to sleep tonight, so that was that.

As soon as I found my stride, it was smooth sailing. I could have run longer, but it was dark by the time I hit 6, and my safety vest had already saved me once, so I called it a day.

Which reminds me. I never run with music and I don’t trust drivers. Boom.

I made my two Black Friday purchases: an entry into the Northwestern Mutual Cheseboro Half Marathon in March and a bed for my youngest.


Rebels without a cause.

There’s a strictly enforced “no monkeys jumping on the bed” rule at The Sleep Shoppe, and these two could have gone to jail had the three strikes rule applied to them.

I actually like the Sleep Shoppe. They’re not used car salespeople, and we purchased our Tempur-Pedic and both kids’ beds from there, and a couple of my family members purchased their Tempur-Pedics, and it’s always been a pleasant experience. Special thanks to my step-dad for picking up the bed from the warehouse!

Want to know what my favorite Christmastime snack is?


From my mom, the snack peddler.

This is the stuff that changes lives. Especially when it’s hot out of the oven. Thanks, Mom!

The way I see it, there’s whole wheat Chex (fiber?), Cheerios (vitamins? fiber?), and nuts (the gods of the health world), so it’s totally healthy, right? And, I’m a runner, so I need to replenish my salt, no?

My other favorite part about the holidays? The leftovers.


These are a few of my favorite things.

I tried, but I’m not sure I can nutritionally justify any of this. Except that it’s vegetarian and there’s garlic in the mashed potatoes. But it’s OH SO GOOD!!!

Being on a health kick, I fueled for my run with my MOST FAVORITE food:


I don’t discriminate.

But before I ran, the husband and I sweat up a storm in the close to ninety-degree heat battling these most disgusting pieces of nature:


You know how you’re supposed to be brave in front of your kids?

Yeah, that definitely went by the wayside. If you know what these are, or how to get rid of them, please comment or send me a FB message, because they appear to be living inside of the cacti.

My main man and I tag-teamed the cacti, which made the cactus-wrapping fly by.


I would completely advise against wrapping your cacti in Christmas lights. It’s a dangerous undertaking.

We are close to being done, so we’re going to set the official lighting ceremony for Monday. Bubbly will be served.

Here’s a sneak peek.


This is the only time of year when I love my cacti.

Evening runs during the holiday season is hands-down one of my most favorite things to do, by the way. 

When is your favorite time to run?