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3.60 mile morning walk with the girls with lots of stops to chat and let dog friends play

5 mile tremendously mentally hard TM run/ 40 min.

Not much went on around here today. The TM and I weren’t getting along so well today, but I got my miles in, and that’s all that matters.

Last night, my husband and I relived our college years of staying up until 2am playing Scrabble on (GASP) the actual physical game board!


Nerd love.

Only we had to put our game on pause at 9:30 because we’re old farts now.

This Sunday felt lazier than most Sundays. We had a really lazy walk this morning, and the regular walkers were super chatty and social (more so than usual), and instead of sitting inside playing games, the girls and I lazed outside in what might be one of the last warmer days until the new year.


Bathing beauty.


Who took the Image section?

And we snacked on the world’s most delicious nut:


For heart health and antioxidants. And salt. God, I love salt.

I especially heart the pistachios that fall out of their shells in the bag and are extra salty.

If I need a pick-me-up snack, these little green treats are what I go for because they provide good energy and fiber, although I have to portion them out because I could probably knock out an entire bag in one sitting.

Don’t worry. I washed the healthy snack down with two choice pieces of See’s.

In running news, have you read about Simi Valley runner Sarah Baxter? I’ve been following her season since she was highlighted in our local paper at the beginning of the season, but she just set a course record for the CIF Championships up in Fresno this past weekend. Here’s the article in the VC Star. Talk about speedy!


Sarah Baxter for the W. Source.

I like watching kids run because it’s all about the fun and doing their best. There’s no glancing down at the GPS to see if they’re going to PR or not. When the gun goes off, they just run as hard as they can. It’s amazing.

It’s kinda like what happens when I bust into a new box of See’s. I just go for it.

What do you go all out for?