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8.04 mi. run/ 1:03:46

The fine City of T.O. was busy paving me a new road to run on this morning:


How nice of them!

So I ran to Westlake Blvd. and back. Usually, a new route will pique my interest long enough for me to forget about the constant, gradual climb of an ill-thought out run, but I’m pretty sure I figured out why I rarely see people running or riding their bikes in the new(ish) bike lanes on Arboles. IT’S TERRIFYING!!!

First, though, I fueled up and terrified a young turkey.


I’m a vegetarian.

I always bite the head off first. See’s bunnies, turkeys, and Santas. All beheaded.  

I was so focused on avoiding being hit by cars speeding down the road halfway in the bike lane or people making turns without looking both ways that this was quite possibly the most joyless run.

I suppose there are some people out there who like the adrenaline rush of running for their lives, but not me. I’m a space cadet when I run, which is why I’m going to stay on my side of town from now on. There are fewer cars and more people playing outside. I’d never make it in a big city.

You know who else wouldn’t make it in a big city?


Caught in the act.

She’d be thrown into the pokey in 2.5 for thievery and tomfoolery.

In other news, we didn’t have our lighting ceremony yesterday because instead of working on the front yard while I was at work, his highness was in spa mode:


So proud of his Groupon purchase.

That’s a lie. He was busy taking the kids to the park and in the pool and doing all the fun dad things. He was just cold. So he says.

The lighting ceremony is set for tomorrow. Done.

In race news, the Malibu International Marathon, Half-Marathon, and SUPathlon has a discount code for next year’s races. Take $20 off any race if you enter code CYBERMONDAY. I’m not sure how long this one will last, and this is as cheap as it gets. If you’re a half marathoner, that makes it $45! It’s an event that has improved every year, and I’d highly recommend the SUPathlon.

This could be you:



RIP, pink shades. Photo credit.