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5.30 easy and cathartic miles through the hills in the rain/ 43 min.

Today’s run more than made up for yesterday’s turdy run in the “city.” Running in the rain is something everyone should do as often as possible, IMO. If it’s raining/drizzling tomorrow, even if you hate running, give it a try. Run down the street, around the block, whatever you can do, just run in the rain. You’ll smile. Guaranteed.

You don’t need rain gear, either. You’re not made of sugar!

I haven’t found a good ultra-flyweight rain jacket for running. My problem is that I get super hot super fast, so if it’s raining, I run in my usual gear.


Don’t hate me because I’m beautiful reflective.

So Cal isn’t exactly known for its cold winters, so “cold gear” is a little different here than, say, Minnesota. The headgear I have on is from Lululemon, and it performed perfectly. It kept the chill off my ears and offered some reflectiveness, but didn’t heat me up like some headgear I’ve worn in the past.

While I wish Lululemon paid me for reviewing their products, they don’t. This headband is legit.

The other benefit to running in the rain?


Free drinks!

The water dish was empty. Whoops!

What isn’t empty? My town pride.


THE B-Spears making a trip to MY TARZHAY!!! Source.

My girl Jen and I are such fans that we saw B play at the House of Blues as part of the M+Ms in 2007. Ah, memories. And your reserved judgement is appreciated.

Anyway, because I wanted to be like B, I for sure beelined it for my home away from home with my youngest while my oldest was at gymnastics.


Clearly embarrassed of her mother.

My major scores? A giant LED snowflake I asked the husband to put up today (he didn’t… something about running calls all night and being tired… pshaw!) and these:


I know what you’re thinking.

No, white chocolate is not considered chocolate, but these things are pretty good! And when I say pretty good, I mean there’s none left and my white chocolate-hater husband ate most of them.

What’s a new holiday treat you’ve discovered this year?