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Today: 5.30 speedy (for me) miles up and down hills, dodging impatient turning vehicles/ 39.05 min.

Yesterday: 5.05 easy miles through the hills/ 41.57 (and I didn’t even have the Sunshine with me!)

In my quest to become a speedy runner without a real plan, I completed a completely scientific study from which I drew the following conclusion: Running after eating pretzel M&Ms will lend to running at a faster pace than if one consumes the minty white M&Ms before a run. Again, this is completely scientific, and the sample group was one (me), and there was one run trial for each pre-run snack. Completely scientific, yo.


Trust me. I’m a scientist.

I only went for the M&Ms because we’re out of See’s. Well, that’s not entirely true.


Milk chocolate goodness dressed in foil.

They belong to my kids. This is a problem because they don’t really care about chocolate turkeys, and they may never touch them. So they’ll sit up there, looking me straight in my eye, and taunt me. FOREVER.

This also taunts me:


The kid gets her photogenic-ness from her momma.

No, not the kid. All those avocados! I eat at least a half of an avocado every day, and they were on sale at Vons for 10/$10! 

Naturally, I bought 20. Because I love them so much.

While at the market, a lovely gentleman who reminded me a lot of Mickey Rooney struck up a conversation with me about the finer points of cheapy everyday wine. He likes Cupcake just like I do, but recommended I try the new Kirkland chard at Costco. You know how I love me some vino buying at Costco! I’ll pick some up when we buy our Christmas tree this week.

Speaking of Christmas cheer, my unfortunately coiffed husband went to the work of assembling and installing a giant snowflake over our driveway:


Skills with drills.

Just to take it back down because it looked like junk:


Electric Daisy snowflake.

My mom hates me right now, and I’m sure she’ll ask my husband why he puts up with my nonsense.

I never denied the fact that I’m the luckiest girl in the world!

I’m also super lucky to have two best friendneighbors who live ON MY STREET and who will celebrate anything worth celebrating, such as our lighting ceremony:


Real men wear Uggs. All the time.

Well, he successfully plugged in our lights, which called for bubbly!


Almost went A Christmas Story on one of the kids!

Nobody’s eye was shot out, thank goodness. But we did toast!


The future leaders of our street.

How does that dang dog make it into pictures???

And the men (minus one) behind the women who rule:


One of these things is not like the other.

And he’s all mine, ladies!

Just a reminder (if you read this tonight) that the prices for the Malibu International, Half, or SUPathlon (use discount code CYBERMONDAY) and the Mountains 2 Beach from Ojai to Ventura go up tomorrow!