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5.25 mi. on the TM, incline 1; started at 8:34 min/mi. and sped up incrementally

Yesterday: 5.00 mi. on the TM, incline 1; warmed up for 1 mi. @ 8:34, then ran the remaining 4 @ 7:13

It’s the end of the first semester at school, so there’s a whole lot of utilization of my labs and office hours and by-appointment-only’s as well as finals deadlines and the never-ending grading that takes over the life of the middle school teacher.

Scantrons are so easy! I should use them more often!


Thankfully, I get to work with friends, including a runner in denial of being a runner and my girl Veronique, with whom I’m running the Santa to the Sea this weekend. She wants to break 2 for the first time, but I’m pretty sure she can make it in under 1:55, so keep a look out for us. We’ll be dressed to impress in our Christmas best!

When I wasn’t inking student writing this week, I was at Costco. Three times in four days, to be exact. The first time was to pick up pies for lunch at my husband’s family’s the day of the Ventura Winter Wine Walk. The second time was to buy a tree:


Real men wear their kid’s blanket as a scarf. And let their 4-year old pick the tree while Mom’s in Costco paying for it.

$44.95 for a Noble Fir, people. That’s a steal. And for your buying information, my husband is 6’3”. That’s a lot of tree. For a shoebox of a house.

Fortunately, my kid kicks major booty and decorated the whole thing (minus the lights) by herself.


Hardcore Christmas decorator. This kid has skills.

And, yes, we just spent the past half-hour driving around the Conejo looking at Christmas lights because that’s what she wanted to do.

The third trip to Costco brought some sad news. I had had a chat with my friendneighbor about whether we were actually getting a good deal on beer or soda at the ‘co several months ago, and it turns out, we weren’t!



I know I can buy it elsewhere, but there’s something so powerful about purchasing cases of Stella! So we switched it up to Sierra Nevada. I kinda dig the fact that Costco is pulling the plug to make a point. Rock on, Costco! Stick it to the… man?

In fact, while I’ve been rocking out on the treadmill to no music (my Pandora intern failed me too many times, and I gave up on music), I’ve spent the 40 or so minutes contemplating how that conversation went when Costco didn’t place an order with AB. 

It must have been awkward. Kinda like this:


Bahahahahahahahaha! Who looks more awkward?!?!?!

Sometimes I wonder what Sunshine’s life would be like if she hadn’t ended up with us. She’s clearly not a survivor.

I shouldn’t mock my husband.

For this reason and this reason alone:


A work of art, no?

Husband of the year?

Are you running in any holiday races this month? If not, what chocolate do you love so much you could frame it?