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(Today and yesterday… because I’m the most boring person in the world) 3.60 mi. walk around the ‘hood with the girls

5.00 mi. jog on the tready starting at 8:34, and going faster until I was at 6:58

We spotted this gem on our walk the other day:


The neighborhood coyotes tried to paint the town red but got sidetracked when they caught the scent of the conejos.

‘Tis the season!

The countdown’s on for my girlfriend’s day of PRing in the Santa to the Sea. The two of us will be running side-by-side in our X-mas finest, so keep your eyes peeled! Under 2 is her goal, and she can totally do it!

Sometimes trying to PR is more of a mental game than a physical game, and when you run with friends, it can make PRing way more fun.

This race seems kinda cool, too, because they have a neighborhood challenge whereby five different neighborhood schools put on a show of sorts in hopes of garnering runner votes to win up to $2000! How cool is that?!?!


What would Simon Cowell do? Better yet, what would Britbrit do? Source.

Since this is a totally fun run, and my husband has been workin’ like a mad dawg, the old TM and I have been spending a lot more quality time together than I’d like.


No, this is not an episode of hoarders.

When you live in a shoebox, your garage becomes the home gym. And, yes, I’m wearing my race tech t. Mostly to test out how sweaty my front would get from the massive silkscreen. It was Sweatfest 2012 after wearing it. For sure.

I half-thought about making a costume for the race, but I chickened out when I realized that I have no artistic skill whatsoever. That didn’t stop me from taking my coupon to Joann’s.


Necessary for a good time? No way, Jose.

I did, however, buy a red sequined running skirt from the girls at Team Sparkle. The Sparkle girls were amazing and expedited my shipment so I’d have it in time for the race. I also bought some new candy cane striped compression socks from ProCompression, the only compression socks to run in.

And when I realized that I’d paid $64 for stuff I have no business using at Joann’s (husband of the year will take it back for me tomorrow), I sucked it up and bought a neon green tank that will completely be hidden by the most massive race bib I’ve ever seen.


Those beady little eyes better stay away from my Honeystinger and my gels!

Is that not the largest bib you’ve ever seen?!?! Maybe the race organizers were going for wind-resistance. And how old-school is the timing chip?!?! Ok, I’ll stop criticizing, but c’mon, ‘yo. I haven’t used one of those since, like, 2011!

I take two Gu’s on a half marathon because I only take a little more than half of it when I need the first one, and if I feel sluggish towards the end, I can always suck down a little energy for a last-minute boost.

By the way, how perfect does that Team Sparkle skirt layer over the Lululemon skirt?!?! I’m full of exclamation points and question marks. I prefer Lululemon skirts to any other skirt because their undershorts have a silicon-type band that helps keep the shorts where they belong instead of riding up where the sun don’t shine.

Who doesn’t care if she’s in the sunshine?


You guys, you just have to unlatch the gate and let me in! I swear I won’t get an ear infection!

My labsister… she’s always up to no good.