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13.12 mi. in 1:54:11 with my girlfriend who was aiming to PR at 2!!!

I’m so proud of Veronique, who completely SMASHED her previous PR by TEN MINUTES!!! Way to go, girl!!!


We ran Santa to the Sea in Oxnard today as our last race of the year along with my sis in law, who’s always game for anything.


Three racing amigos. Holiday-style.

The course began next to the ginormous Santa on the side of the 101… you know, the one that used to be up in Carpinteria on Santa Claus Lane (1948-2003) that now sits on a vacant lot adjacent to a pretty seedy trailer park. This is no joke, people.

The race was a fast and flat course that winds through all parts of Oxnard from the fields and warehouses off of Del Norte (and it’s questionably maintained roads) to the pretty, historical center of Oxnard that kind of reminds me of Pasadena. This is also no joke. The houses were smaller, but they were gorgeous, and it appeared to me that if you didn’t go all out with the Christmas decorations, you were definitely not in with the in crowd.

The only hill was just before the middle of the race when we crossed the Third Street Bridge.


Cooler than it looks in this picture. But only because I’ve got Oxnard pride.

The bridge goes over the huge train depot in Oxnard which is also home to the craziest Mexican market, Supermercado La Gloria. And by crazy, I mean crazy tasty! I can’t even describe to you the heaven that is the ice cream and different meats.


Source. The menu at Mercado La Gloria. The meat available will transport you back to Mexico.

Oxnard actually has a pretty rich farming history, too. Cesar Chavez, a farmworkers’ rights activist and political leader, began picking vegetables with a short hoe (now illegal) in Oxnard when he was 15. He later formed the United Farm Workers as a means of peacefully protesting the inhumane working conditions of farm workers, and he was largely successful. In fact, California celebrates Cesar Chavez Day every March in honor of the work he did for farmer workers’ rights. Source.


Cesar Chavez. Source.

I think it’s cool when races take place along routes with major historical ties.

That’s what I was thinking about while I was running (in between listening to school bands and mariachi bands and families cheering from the fronts of their houses). Because I’m a super nerd.

Anyway, Veronique and I trekked onward over the bridge and out to the Channel Islands Harbor where we were greeted by my husband-of-the-year and kids. He pushed them in the 5K, and the kids LOVED it!


That dude has style. Antlers AND striped socks.

We all rocked out in our Pro Compression socks. They were definitely a conversation starter.

Overall, we had a great day running. I’m so proud of Veronique for pushing herself and CRUSHING her old PR! She rocked hardcore.

I’ll definitely be doing this race again. TONS of community support, TONS of water, TONS of music, TONS of flat road, TONS of Christmas spirit (I also love the idea of bringing a gift for the toy drive!)… you really can’t beat that!


Boom. The end of the racing year.