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5.30 mi./ 41:15 around the hills of Wildwood

After yesterday’s race, I had a happy/sad moment where I felt I ended the year on a high note running with Veronique as she crushed her PR, but I was also bummed because my next scheduled race isn’t until March. Obviously, I need to figure things out. If you have any good recommendations for halfs in January and February, send ’em my way! I’m in the market!

I actually spend many weekends in Oxnard hangin’ with my mom, and we always walk over to the farmer’s market at the Channel Islands Harbor where my favorite kettle corn guy rocks the popper. I will take a picture next time, but there are two kettle corn guys, and my favorite guy is the Camarillo Kettle Corn and Shave Ice guy who wears an on-trend tie-dye shirt. He always leaves the open bag packed to the brim and gives me two little bags for the kids. It’s a super nice touch. We bought the big bag, and this is what’s left today:


Don’t hate me because my family can put down more kettle corn than yours.

Kettle corn was also what I used to fuel my run today. Big mistake. Just take my word on it.

After we made the pit stop at the farmer’s market yesterday, we headed over to my mom’s place where we showered and changed before heading to the Santa Barbara Zoo for the Snow Leopard Festival.


Blondie don’t care! This was the same snow she experienced last year in Mammy!

Only in Santa Barbara can you sled in the snow with a view of the ocean.


Real men ride sleds with their kids. Wearing said kid’s blanket as a scarf. Again.


This is how it’s done, kids.

After the sledding, Emma asked to take a friend home.


A friend for Sunshine!

I had to let her down easy.

Kinda like I might have to let Kirkland down easy. I ran into a nice man in the wine aisle at Vons a couple weeks ago who recommended the Kirkland brand chards. So, being the wino that I am, I bought both options, and tasted the 2011 Napa Valley Chardonnay this evening.


Because I’m a professional wine taster.

Granted, I don’t know a dang thing about having a refined palate, but I tried to class it up in my own no-makeup, dri-fit t-wearing, wrinkly forehead style.


Wrinkles mean I’m wise, right? Therefore, I’m wisely smelling Kirkland’s chard.

It tasted okay. For $7.99, and for being a Kirkland brand, I thought it would blow my mind (for the price). I’d maybe buy it for a large party, but I think I’m more of a fan of Cupcake as a budget wine than this. My husband of the year claimed it was “buttery,” but he also eats Greek yogurt two weeks after it’s expiration date, so take that for what it is.

If you’re a new reader, my four major, most important food groups are espresso (not just coffee… espresso), gelato, fro-yo, and cheese, sparkling water, and wine and champs, so while the wine didn’t wow me, I still enjoyed it (for the price).

What did wow me?


I officially have the nicest friends in the world!

My girlfriend from work (who happens to be an amazeballs art teacher) gifted my caffeine-dependent derriere with this Christmas ornament. I actually love it when I’m given Christmas ornaments because they come from the heart, and isn’t that what X-mas is all about? Thanks, V!

Happy Monday!