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Today: Ran 5.35 mi./ 43:23 with the Sunshine

Yesterday: Surfed while the kids were at preschool

Cross-training is important not only to keep your body in all-around tip-top shape, but also to help keep you from getting bored with the same old, same old. I’m not good at cross-training because running is quick, easy, free, and requires no childcare.

So, yesterday, a rare day when neither my husband nor I was working and the kids were at school, we hopped over to the beach:


I was skeptical, but the husband insisted that when he checked Surfline, he’d seen fun, 5-wave sets.

So we slathered ourselves in neoprene and grabbed our boards:


They may not look as youthful as they once were, but those babies still hold a line perfect for hanging five.

That is the first board that I ever had shaped for me over ten years ago, and I have a special love for it that I just can’t put into words.

The husband was right about the waves. Small, fast, peeling waist-to-chest high waves came in five at a time, and with five people out, we all got good waves. Any day in the water is a good day, but yesterday was really fun.


Always awkward. I took the waves with me.

I love running, but I’m clumsy on land. When I’m in the water is when I feel most comfortable. And it always puts me in a great mood.

My superamazinglywonderful friends also put me in a great mood! Veronique stopped by yesterday with this little treat:


The way to my heart.

Christmas ornament+magnetic notepad+wine = one superhappy Hot Chocolate Runner!

Thank you so much, V!

V’s already busy planning our next race. I’ll fill you in once we decide.

As if yesterday couldn’t have gotten any better, we paid a visit to the big man… with four kids under four. This was the result:


No tears! And Emma is not impressed.

Don’t know where she learned how to smirk, that’s for sure.

Well, I’ve completely been procrastinating getting down to the dirty work of being a teacher this evening: end of the semester grading. The holidays and the end of the semester can be hectic, and it’s important to get in yo’ exercise, otherwise you’ll be a raging donkey.

Or maybe that’s just me.

I got home from work and sat down to grade, but I felt a glare from beneath the table:


I promise not to slow you down, Mom. I promise.

Man, was I glad I listened to the most unlikely source of wisdom! Ruby Sunshine and I had a nice evening run, and half of it was in the rain! Score one for the Rubinator!

And, yes, my husband is rocking his Pro Compression holiday socks.

Finally, for your viewing pleasure:


Love that dog. And my safety vest.

And my husband, who cooked dinner before I got home (but doesn’t like using the flash on the camera):


Vegetarian butternut squash soup on a rainy night? Yes, please!

Husband of the year. I’m so lucky.