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Friday: 5.30 misty miles/ no Garmin

Saturday: 3.75 mi. walk around town with the double-wide and the doggies/ 60ish min.

Yesterday: 6.26 drizzly, ultra-hilly miles/ 51.03 min.

As an educator and a parent (and a human being, for that matter), my heart is irreparably broken for the 26 angels who went to heaven on Friday.

I was so upset after hearing of the tragedy at Sandy Hook that I made a conscious decision to leave my Garmin at home on my run on Friday in order to allow my mind to process what had happened.

We all deal with stress a different way. Since taking up running a couple years ago, I have found that when I am upset or stressed, the best way for me to deal with it is by running. When I run, my mind is free to wander, digest the day’s events, plan my blog, plan my week, plan dinner… and pray. On Friday, I spent my entire run in prayer.


How many fashion crimes can you spot?

I tried out my new Pearl Izumi convertible jacket. I googled the jacket after seeing it on the Road Runner website for $98 (with the VIP discount), and came up with a company called Altrec, which seems to always have promotional discounts on outerwear. When all was said and done, I paid $43 for this puppy!

Pink wasn’t my first choice, but a deal’s a deal, and I make it my goal to be seen by drivers, so it gets the job done.



I made the mistake of slapping my Garmin on the outside of the jacket when I wore it the first time, so that might be why I was warmer than I expected with the sleeves on. There’s great ventilation under the arm pits and in the back, but I don’t have a problem with my arms getting wet in light rain, so the vest is my preferred way to roll. It’s my core that I like to keep dry, and the vest did the job. Definitely recommend.

My other go-to product recommendation for runners is a good compression sock.


Spreading the Christmas cheer, one pair at a time.

I love my cousin, and I love Christmas. And I love Pro Compression holiday socks.

I also love cousin cookie decorating parties!

Blondie's in the zone.

Blondie’s in the zone.

My supervision skills are obviously lacking.

My supervision skills are obviously lacking.

Trying hard not to laugh with a mouthful of chocolate peanut butter buckeye.

Trying hard not to laugh with a mouthful of chocolate peanut butter buckeye.

One-by-one, Emma picked up the little sprinkles. She was a mess. And I stood there and took pictures.

Kidding. I was actually busy holding my littlest niece.



At the end of the night, we had a collection of holiday cookies ready to be shared.

Tatted up at four. That's how she rolls.

Tatted up at four. That’s how she rolls.

Until Blondie McBlonde let loose with a series of three sneezes. All over EVERYTHING.

My bad, you guys.

My bad, you guys.

Gosh, I love my kids.

And, finally, for a moment of dog-shaming, I present to you this gem:

Come on, you guys. I promise I'll be good! I'm a good boy! Really!

Come on, you guys. I promise I’ll be good! I’m a good boy! Really!