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The Day in Action:

Surfed a little more than an hour in small, icy cold, crowded point-break waves. Kooks were out in full force.

Ran 5.23 hilly, warm, mid-afternoon miles/ 40.25 min.


Garmin–the only way to accessorize your wrist.

I’m back from vacation. Actually, I stopped blogging for a while because I lost my camera batter and charger. And I was on Christmas vacation. And I was too lazy. And we finally bit the bullet and bought new slipcovers for our couch and moved the ottoman from the kids’ “library” back to the chair-and-a-half, resulting in endless laziness.


Everyday suede. The preferred choice of lazy Ruby Sunshines everywhere.

Good thing they’re machine washable.

Good news, though. Today, I made the decision to suck it up and use my phone to snap pictures for my blog instead of mourning the loss of my camera’s life source, and when I came back from my run, I read this text:



I won’t bore you with a photo-collage of all of my Christmas break activities, but I spent a majority of my vacation with my family at the beach doing important stuff and things:


SHE wanted to hold MY hand! My little-miss-independent!


Ruthie Colada with the dig-assist.


Some kind of winter swell.

I think if I didn’t work and lived at the beach, I’d be the healthiest person alive. 5-mile walks in the morning, afternoon bike-rides, evening runs, glasses of wine, fresh fish… seriously blessed, over here.

I’d say the highlight of my vacation was running in the evening because my mom followed me on her bike, and that was pretty special. I’d run about 7 miles every evening, and for some reason, I felt like I was running downhill both ways. 

It’s the magic of the beach, I guess.

For Christmas, I scored a cute running top from my superamazing cousin:


My first run with Lorna Jane.

This top is cute and airy. I have a couple other Lorna Jane pieces I picked up at the shop near my house, and I might review them at a later date. Not sure if they’ll replace Lululemon in my world of running clothes, but they’re definitely stylish.

Now for some important-to-me news…

After thinking about it for a couple months, I’ve decided to train for my first full marathon! I’ve contacted the race director at The Clif Bar Mountains2Beach Marathon to switch my race from the half to the full, and that’s that. I’ll be running May 26th, so if you’ve got nothing to do, I’d love the support!


I know I should just aim to finish, but I really want to try to maintain my comfortable pace of 8:00 miles and possibly qualify for Boston. I know I’ve got a lot of work ahead of me, but I think with hard work and dedication, and with the support of my family, and with a lot of faith in God, I can do it. Maybe not BQ, but maybe come close.

Wish me luck!