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The Day in Action:

5.24 hilly, Ruby Sunshine-infested miles through the ‘wood/ 40.25 min.

Since committing myself to training for my first marathon yesterday, the support you readers/friends have given me has been so amazing! I totally need to come through on this one! I thank you all for your encouragement! It means the world to me!

Running a full mary is a big ol’ commitment, obviously, and I’m taking it kinda seriously. I mean, I know I should be eating healthily:


This blender takes no prisoners.

After work, though, I was too lazy to go get the new box of Honeystingers from the car (on sale now at Road Runner for $4 off a box on top of the VIP discount!), so I grabbed this gem:


Serious business. Also on sale at Godiva.

And that was after I professed my newfound appreciation for having a healthy snack before a run to my girlfriend in the faculty lounge.

She looked shocked when I told her that.

Maybe she knows me better than I know myself.

Oh well.

My run wasn’t ruined by my snack.


It was ruined by the Rubinator. Kidding.

Girlfriend needs to do some speedwork if she’s going to join me again. She’s definitely NOT hitting the ideal 180 strides/min.

Actually, her biggest problem is that she likes to balance on the edge of the curb a la Aly Raisman:


Follow me on a run, and you’ll see a golden retriever doing these same tricks!

I’m pretty pumped and nervous about the whole completing a marathon thing. I am confident that I can put in the training necessary (I’m following a variation of the Intermediate Level 2 from Hal Higdon’s training website), but, still… anything can happen.

My question today is:

See’s or Godiva? Or something more delicious?

For individual chocolates, I’m a See’s girl. But for the holiday season, those gosh dang delicious peppermint truffle bars get me every time.