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The Day in Action:

5.45 mi. hilly run/ 42:36 min.

3.85 mi. walk with the double-Bob and a ferocious Yorkie (last night)

My run today was so crappy. I should have eaten something before, but it just wasn’t a priority. The time between when I woke up and made myself a latte and when I dropped the girls off at school was too long to have gone without food, resulting in lead legs the whole way. My bad. But at least I got it done.

I ran in my new Lorna Jane shorts.


Safety First shorts.

I don’t like dressing like a Kardashian:


Wait a minute… Source


These shorts are super breezy, bright, and I like the mesh unders. Things I didn’t like were the insane washing instructions (wash with salt first and wash after each use? so far I’ve failed those directions.) and the steep price. I had a coupon for $30 off, though, so that was nice.

LJ also has free giveaways every month if you spend over a certain amount. This month it’s a “singlet,” which is just a fancy name for a racerback.


True story.


After my run, I was too lazy to go to the market to buy eggs, so I went to Jinky’s Cafe. Party of one. I’ll review it tomorrow, but for now, I’m stoked to have a healthy, tasty restaurant in the Conejo.

Because I still had no eggs, I did the only logical thing after picking up the girls.

I went to the motherland of all things gargantuan. For eggs. And this happened:


It sucks me in every time.

Costco is still not carrying Anheuser Busch, btw.

I, though, am carrying the most awkward plaque ever:

Thanks for the prize, MIM