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Today in Action:

Ran on TM: 6.25 miles @ easy 8.34 pace while messing around with the incline

3.65 mi. walk with the double Bob and 2/3 of the dogs (Penelope’s on the DL)


Putting the “R” in “R.I.C.E”

A cavalier’s job is to keep the queen’s lap warm during those long carriage rides, after all.

Lazy, is what I say.

I met my mom at the Jinky’s Cafe in Agoura today for lunch (I’m going to review my visit to the new Thousand Oaks location after a visit with my family next week) for a super-delish lunch. 

Kermit the Frog made my iced tea:


Green tea. I’m instantly healthier.

Except for the three bags of raw sugar I like to crunch on while sipping it. I went for a fourth bag, and my daughter told me that she thought sugar wasn’t healthy.


Here’s the meal that changed the way I think about the Conejo:


Some people use juice cleanses…

Just sayin’…

I used to only get my former favorite quinoa salad from Le Pain in Calabasas when I went to Lulu, but now that we have a Nordstrom and a Jinky’s in the Conejo, well, my valley days are pretty much over! Except for the fact that that’s where I work.

The salad was packed with deliciousness: toasted almond slices, quinoa, feta, roasted artichoke hearts, sun-dried tomatoes, mixed greens, green onion, and cilantro (which I omitted). AAAAAmazing.

I’m pretty sure that salad will make its way into my dreams.

After lunch, the girls went down for a nap, and I hit up the ol’ TM. I need to fall in love with the TM if I’m going to finish my first marathon I have scheduled for the end of May because I need to get my runs in regardless of the husband’s work schedule.

I’ve got this, right?

I decided to run 10K today at a steady pace of 8:34 (easy, relaxed pace) with varying inclines. I ran the first 2.5 miles @ a 2% incline, 1 mi. @ 3%, 1 mi. @ 4%, .5 mi. @ 5%, and then worked my way back down to 2% every quarter mile. At 5%, I felt like I was breathing at a race pace, so maybe I’ll see about incorporating more incline progressions into my marathon training program.

About the program, this Sunday I’m supposed to run 10 miles, but I’m switching things around because of this text my sister sent me when she was at Lulu the other day:


Are you in?

SOS Mentor is a nonprofit that helps underserved kids make better nutrition and lifestyle choices by promoting healthy eating exercise through mentoring.

Sooooooo, my long Sunday will be moved to Monday so I can double-dip on my long runs so that I can run more miles without compromising my program (or my body… injury avoidance is pretty much essential to running a mary) and help a good cause.

You can do it, too. You don’t need a fancy Garmin. You can download the Nike+ app, mapmyrun app, or My Fitness Pal to your smartphone, and it will track your mileage as you get your run/jog in! 

In non-running news, my husband is working a marathon of shifts, so I called the handyman to fix the wall socket that Ruby Sunshine broke:


I thought we were doing demo work.


I charge by the hour, lady.


See? Blondes may not be able to screw in a lightbulb…

What’s the last thing your dog destroyed in your house?