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Today in Action:

10.10 mile run/ 1:18:19 (today)

6.50 mi. on the TM @ incline 2; started at 8:34 and increased speed every half-mile (yesterday)

Today was the first day of the Lululemon Calabasas deal where they’ll donate $5 to S.O.S. Mentor for every mile run this week.


Get your kicks on, people!

I planned on running in the morning after my husband got home from work, but he had a late call and didn’t get home until after 10, so I had to postpone my run until this evening. I HATE having to be flexible with my runs because so much of running is mental.


…but I said Mama… That’s where the fun is!

Because I postponed my long run from Sunday until today so that my miles would count for the Lulu event, I knew I needed to get it done, so after the girls went down for a nap, I downed a GU and a glass of water and sat around making a thousand excuses of why my time would be better spent reading the tabloids and eating chocolate ran from my house, up the Avenue of the Trees to Westlake, then back down to my end of town and around the college. In the face-numbing wind. Facenumbing.

I like to run hands-free, but it was windy outside, so I brought some water. Smart choice. 


First week of mary training-Done.

I’ve been doing a motherton of reading so that I can best prepare myself for Mountains to Beach, and one of the things I’ve read over and over is that you have to wear cute stuff get in high quality workouts as opposed to logging as many miles as possible before the big day.

Luckily, my superamazing cousin is helping me do that in style:


Best cousin on EARTH. No questions.

I feel like the folks over at Lorna Jane know me personally. Thank you, bestfriendcousin!!!

After contemplating a nutritious dinner:


My friendneighbor rules hardcore.

That right there is the best looking Scotchmallow I’ve ever seen. It’s shaped like a CHRISTMAS TREE!!!

I decided to hit up Jinky’s takeout for the salad that has taken over the center of my universe before desserting-it-up.



Meanwhile, I made my first entry for Mother of the Year 2013.


Nothing says good, healthy home cooking quite like a chicken dog covered in fried cornbread.

Freezer to the plate in 18 minutes, folks. That’s just enough time for the husband to pick up our food and be back for a family dinner.

How’s that for the first Husband of the Year entry for 2013?!?!

What did you have for dinner?

Maybe if I was a better cook (or had better dinner ideas), I’d eat out less often. But probably not. Because I’m lazy over here.