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5.26 slow, hilly, upwind mi./ 42:33 min. (yesterday)

5.36 slower, hilly, upwindier mi./ 44:44 min. (today)

Holy smokes, people. I don’t know how much more of this wind I can take! I’ve just got to put my head down and get my miles in for the sake of S.O.S. Mentor!

In training news, I have come to the conclusion that it’s both physically and mentally more difficult to get my workout in after work when I’ve spent the past 7 hours on my feet. My results are completely scientific. Ask any teacher.

In fashion news, I found out that I can go out for a run looking like this:


Awkward as usual.

And not get arrested.

How many fashion crimes can one girl commit before I get banned from the streets?!?!

No, your eyes aren’t playing tricks on you. I’m wearing flesh-colored argyle Pro Compression socks. Because, well, why not?

At least I didn’t go out dressed like this:


Chocolate is bad for dogs, Clifford!

That picture was taken today, btw.

After my run, I thought about doing something highly productive, but didn’t.


Couldn’t you pick a Yorkie-friendly snack?

Those roasted, salted almonds are my new favorite snack! I’m a sucker for salty things and fizzy water. And chocolate.

I ended up getting off my derriere to call an order into Three Amigos make dinner. For serious.


Protein and fiber for a pescatarian? Count the ways.

The Cholula is what saves this dinner every time. But between the black beans, the quinoa, and the Greek yogurt, girlfriend doesn’t have to worry about getting enough protein.


Tastes better than it looks.

Because of the Cholula.

Hey. We can’t all be gourmet chefs like my friendrunner Veronique, who made this masterpiece for her family last night:


Proving that French Canadian people don’t always use a pound of butter in their cooking!

Veronique also logged 6 miles today for the Lulu event! Go, girl!

To wash my home cooking down, I poured a glass of red:


My friends are awesome.

Thanks for the mommified sippy cup, Veronica!!! This cup is going into the rotation.

Wild Horse, btw, was being sold at a further discount at Costco a while back. I’m not sure how much each bottle was, but the price must have been right, because I have half of a case in the garage. It’s a good everyday pinot.

And the good Lord knows, anyone training for a marathon needs a good everyday pinot!

What goes in your sippy cup?