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6.53 easy mi. through the beach communities of the ‘nard/ 51:39 min.

Didn’t run yesterday because the wind was driving me insane, so I made a couple tweaks to my marathon training program. 

I’m spending the weekend up at the beach with my family, where all things lazy and wonderful happen:


You guys. I’m just SO TIRED right now.

Labs work awfully hard. I really should give this one a break. I mean, long walks, playing in the ocean, and lots of love can be really exhausting!

I like running in not-so-normal neighborhoods because it keeps things interesting. Especially at sunset. Party Partly because people up here take this seriously:


I’ll take pictures if I do another evening run. Let’s just say everyone is always friendly up here and there are no bad days. It’s a beautiful thing.

Also beautiful?


It’s totally normal to experience view-envy.

Finished my run for S.O.S. Mentor (courtesy of Lulu):


Ruthie Colada controls the world, so I had to give her my official numbers so she could log it in her book. Such a control freak.

That lab.

The president of all things one-eyed also gave someone the… evil eye (no pun intended… bahahahahaha!)


Look me in the eye and tell me you didn’t eat my treat.

Pirate dog love, over here.

Where are you running this weekend?