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6.52 windy morning mi./ 52:52 min.

4.54 mi. walk with an angry, one-eyed shih-tzu/ 1:29:05


10.16 breezy morning mi./ 1:21:00

4.16 mi. walk with the baddest lab this side of the Mississippi and the double Bob/ 1:05:06

I swear I wasn't the one who pulled the bag of bagels off the counter. Swear.

I swear I wasn’t the one who pulled the bag of bagels off the counter. Swear.

I’m still chipping away at the miles for Lululemon Calabasas‘ fundraiser. Miles are counted until tomorrow, so I’ll run with the sunrise again.

I’m in the first official week of my marathon training program, so I did my long(ish) run this morning before the girls got up.

To prepare, I went to Inside Track, a local running store in Ventura, to buy some of the same electrolyte drink that will be provided on the course. Michelle, the owner, was super knowledgable and not at all cocky about sharing her wealth of knowledge with me.


I walked away with what I came for, a lot of nutrition information, and a recovery drink that she swears by. It’s called Fluid, which is also the on-course electrolyte drink for Mountains 2 Beach. We’ll see if it works!

I don’t usually carry hydration with me on training runs unless my mileage exceeds 10 mi., so this whole handheld thing is taking some getting used to.

Days at the beach are pretty fantastic these days. I get up, run, have a snack:


Don’t let this fool you into thinking I’m a health nut.

Greek yogurt, chia seeds, and blueberries. Delish.

Go for a walk:


Traded the late-model retriever in for a late-model lab. Same problems, plus some drooling.

Or maybe play in the sand:


She picks her own outfits.

Followed by an afternoon bike ride:


Girlfriend’s got it made in the lounge back there!

And McConnell’s ice cream:


Peppermint chip in all its glory. Definitely not a health nut.

Ice cream is good for the soul. Or something like that.

Also good for the soul is a view like this one from our walk this evening:

Alien casinos.

Alien casinos.

What was on your horizon this evening?

Special thanks to my friendneighbor Michelle for watching my dogs while I’m out with other dogs. I owe her BIGTIME.