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Ran 5.25 slow, sand-in-the-eyes windy mi./ 42:40

Walked 4.92 mi. with the badlab and the double Bob

This weekend was great for many reasons.

First, I got some good outdoor mileage in for the Lululemon Calabasas fundraiser for S.O.S. Mentor, something I couldn’t have done without my parents (the husband worked/is in the process of working 72 hours).


Thanks, Mom!

For not minding that I ran while the girls were asleep in the morning. And for giving me the best lab sister and pirate sister a girl could ask for!

I was re-introduced the the glory of early morning runs. I used to run in the morning all the time, but started running in the afternoons because of the time change I am generally a lazy person and would sleep ’til 8 if I could. I also dug the morning regulars I ran into every morning. Definitely helps to keep me accountable when I know there are super friendly people out at the same time every morning, too.

Second, I learned about the recovery drink. I’m not fatigued today, but I still need to use it more to see if it really helps in my recovery.

I tried a different flavor today. 

You guessed it: Chocolate!


Chocolate makes anything taste better.

Michelle from Inside Track told me that the berry was the most popular recovery flavor the day I visited her shop, but I definitely prefer the chocolate.  The berry was pleasantly sour and had fewer calories (128 v. 140, I think), but over here, chocolate rules, so that’s that.

And let’s not forget the kettle corn from the farmer’s market. That was great, too.

Lastly, I just love spending time with my family! I spent some wonderful afternoons with my mom and my sister (who made an amazing dinner that I FAILED to photodocument!) and her kids, made sculptures in the sand with my girls, and watched this nonsense this morning at Sea Fresh:


One bad lab. Trying to be good.


Because she smelled my Mediterranean omelette.


But instead licked the inside of a used jam packet.

She’s a classy lab. Always hungry, as all good labs are.

I love that dog.

A big thanks to my mom, that lab, and my friendneighbor (who took care of my dogs) for making my weekend amazing.

Now, off to start the work week!

What are your goals for this week?

I have a marathon training schedule to help with my running goals, but other than that, I hope to cook dinner at least two times.

I’ll let you know how that goes.

For now, I’m off to bed!


Dreaming of jam packets.