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5.30 mi./ 42:10 min. hilly, tougher than usual run through the hood


5.25 mi./ 38:47 min. same course, easier run, different snack, new skirt!

It’s always weird to me how I can run the same course and feel totally different dependent on the day and the fuel. Yesterday’s run was after a long day at work and off of a Godiva Peppermint Truffle bar (and little water… can’t exactly leave my class to go pee), today’s run was after a day with no work and off of a pretzel thins and PB snack (and plenty of water).

Usually I’m good with chocolate, but I’m pretty sure that after my last truffle bar, which I’m saving for a special day, I will not buy more. At least not for fuel.

The Lululemon Calabasas fundraiser for S.O.S Mentor ended Monday, and they donated $429.70 for my 85.94 miles I submitted! It’s pretty neat when local stores team up to support local non-profits, so when you go into the Calabasas store, make sure you thank them for their community involvement!


Done and done! Thanks, Lulu Calabasas!

Lulu happens to be my favorite running brand because their stuff is not only so dang cute, but it’s the most functional of any running gear out there, in my opinion. I’m addicted to running in their skirts, and when the orange and navy skirt appeared online, I immediately bought it. AND IT CAME TODAY!!!


Even their packaging is exciting!

I usually don’t order Lulu online because I like going into the valley and pretending I’m all cool and trendy, but I was out of town when this skirt appeared online, so I snagged it up. And I’m so happy!


Bright colors? Yes, please!


The perfect amount of bright! Safety first!

I can’t tell what I like better: the stripped waistband or the stripped bottom ruffle!


I like it, too, mom! It makes me look less red!

Coming from a golden retriever who’s not golden… well, she’s still awkward.

At least she doesn’t get ear infections like this baby of mine:


I should have named her Eeyore.

Before running in my snazzy new skirt (which for sure was the real reason my time was better than yesterday’s run!), I had the first appointment of the day at the best vet on earth, Conejo Valley Veterinary Hospital. I’ve been there many times for Penelope, and I’m pretty positive that I’ll be there many more times for the same issue.

The best part about Conejo Vet (aside from their amazing vets, wonderful front-office staff, and the fact that you don’t feel like you’re being taken to the cleaners) is this:


For serious. And they have a chai latte Keurig thingy, too!!!

So while you’re waiting for the bacteria culture (or whatever your pet’s issue may be) to come back, you can sip on a glorious cup o’ caffeine! (or hot chocolate or decaf). Our vet today recommended the chai, and it was simply delish.


What do you do when you’re bored waiting in the room and there are only dang CAT magazines?!?!?!

Whatever. I’ll forgive them for that.

I’ll also vote for them in the Ventura County Star’s Best Of 2013 awards! And you should, too! Just type in Conejo Valley Veterinary Hospital, and it’ll automatically pop up as a choice!

What was the last thing you voted for?