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5.30 mi. early morning, hilly, warm, and windy run/ 41:35 min.

1.25 hour Barre Control class at M6

Yesterday was a no good, grumpy day filled with a rainy day lunch and a lockdown drill, so after work, I changed out of my Kate Middleton boots:



because it was raining (at some point during the day), and changed into my sweats. And that was the end of that. I resolved to make today a good day.

A couple months ago, my superamazing cousin and her friend (both of whom ran Malibu last November!) mentioned how incredibly ridiculously fun and difficult the classes over at M6 were, and since they are both in really good shape, I figured that meant something legit was going to happen once I sucked it up and took a class.

Well, today was the day.


All smiles. And in need of a tan.

My cousin, Veronique, and I took Michelle’s Barre Control class. I consider myself to be in pretty decent shape, but clearly I’m wrong. I need some good cross training to add to my schedule, and this is the place where I’m going to do it. Bonus: I ran into three people I already knew! Small world, for sure!

My cousin had told me that Michelle was a fab instructor, so I had really high expectations, and girlfriend was spot on! It didn’t seem like any of the other women were sweating, but, man, I’ve never soaked a Lulu tank before. Ever.


No, your eyes aren’t playing tricks on you. We’re really that white.

I’ve got my work cut out for me. I’ll probably be back tomorrow morning.

After feasting on a big, warm breakfast, my husband, the girls, and I met my mom, sissy, and her girls at the mall for lunch and chocolate.

Since I ate my last Godiva bar yesterday:


Goodbye, old friend.

I had to stock up on my favorite Valentine’s Day treats at See’s!


How long will this last?

Probably until next Tuesday, but we’ll see. I stock up on the heart-shaped chocolate-covered marshmallows and hear-shaped scotchmallows during the season of love.

And you can bet your money that I will never eat one around this thief:


Don’t ever trust a blonde.

You know you’re officially a mom when your dang kid hears you open the wrapper of your favorite chocolate from the other side of the house and runs in to ask for the last bite and you give it to her. With a smile. A big, genuine one. Really genuine.

I’ve learned my lesson.

I kid. Kinda.

In Ruby Sunshine and bad fashion award news, I present to you, this:


I know. I married that man.

I hope he doesn’t get pulled over for illegal use of spandex.

Happy Friday!