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4.25 mi. walk with the dogs and the double-Bob


3.65 mi. walk with the dogs and the double-Bob

10.25 mi. run on the TM

I put off running yesterday because it was cold and windy outside, and I was being a baby about it and just didn’t go, knowing darn well that meant I’d have to do my long run on the dreadmill today because the husband was working.

I was also ego-bustingly sore from the barre class at M6 Friday

After a morning of walking with Ali Raisman:


Working on her beam routine.

and gelato eating:


Affogato con stracciatella=heaven. And a good energy boost for a late-afternoon run. Thanks, Mom!

Veronique texted me that she ran Saturday and today (by chasing her scooter-riding kid! How fun!) to loosen up from Friday’s tour de barre. I told her I was dreading my 10-miler on the TM.

You can do it, she wrote back.

That message saved my derriere from snoozing on the couch instead of getting my miles done.


And have good run friends who support and motivate you!!!

This was the longest run on the TM I’ve ever done. For me to make it through a TM workout, I have to increase my speed and play with the incline to keep me focused. There’s no TV and no music in my home gym, after all:


Only a mirror to look at my bad self.

Also, because the limit for running is 60 min., I broke my run up into a 4 and 6 mile run, which really only meant that I stopped at the end of 4 to reset the computer. Here’s what my run looked like:


Done and done.

Next time I am on a long run on the TM, I’ll probably start out faster, since I don’t feel like I really got moving until I was running sub-8 miles. I wanted to play it conservatively, though, for my first two-digit TM run.

It’s done, though, and I have my superamazing runfriend Veronique to thank for her words of encouragement.

In other non-news, we’re big-time wimps over here in So Cal, so when the temps drop below 60, we huddle around the fire to warm our bones:


Husband supervises with some pinot. Good choice.

While the fire burned my desire to order takeout, I (gasp) roasted brussel sprouts for dinner!


I did this myself, people.

Earlier this week, I set a goal of making dinner at least two times. They way I look at it, if I cook an entire Costco bag of brussels, the leftovers count for day 2, right?

Even the kids like ’em:


Blondie likes her brussels.

Really, though, some parm and a good balsamic will make anything delicioso!

This week, my goal is to go to at least two classes at M6. I am clearly not as in shape as I thought, and I am trying to be as successful as possible in this whole marathon training thing, so here goes nothing!

What is one goal you have for the week?