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5 mi. TM run starting @ 8:00 pace and increased speed to end @ 7:24 min. pace

60 min. Party Box class (translation: kickboxing on crack.)

Happy Monday, friends!

I just crossed off my first week of mary training, and it feels pretty good. I just have to keep all this love flowing between the dreadmill and me to make our relationship work.


My trusty coach giving me the stink-eye.

My run today was powered by these babies:


Giant scotchmallow heart? I’ll take two!

Nutritious and delicious.

Well, definitely delicious.

After my run, I met my superamazing cousin at M6 for a Partybox class. Three cheers for cross-training!

Problem: I tend to zone out when I run.

Can’t do that in Partybox. I almost got run over. Several times.


We came in looking like supermodels. Don’t judge.

I met some new friends who don’t know we’re now officially bffs. That’s Sohpia, me, my superamazing cousin, Laura, and Kat looking fierce.

In foodie news, I’m not the best cook (translation: I’m too lazy to cook), so when I find a good pre-made healthy treat, I swoop like no other. This weekend when my mom and I were at Gelson’s, I was introduced to this piece of quinoa glory:


I’m SOOOO hungry, you guys. You have NO IDEA how hard it is being a golden!

I don’t eat any meat except for fish, so I get a lot of my protein from nuts and grains. Quinoa is a powerhouse foods because it’s got a lot of protein and fiber in it.

It tastes like dirt when I make it, so when I find a good quinoa salad, it moves into a special place in my heart reserved for yummy-ness. It’s to the left of the space I have reserved for chocolate.

The Gelson’s Red “Keenwah” Salad was as good as it looks. The toasted almonds, feta, and broccoli were different from other salad’s I’ve had before, and it wasn’t bland like the Whole Foods one.

Major score.

Ten minutes of eating and intellectual reading later:


Pop culture know-it-all over here.

It’s a guilty pleasure, people. The tabloids, not the quinoa.

What’s your guilty pleasure?