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Ran 11.41 miles on the treadmill (7.29 mi. @ incline 1 @ 8:06; 4.12 mi. starting @ 7:56 and increasing speed to 7:34)

Walked 3.56 miles through my hood with the girls and the Double Bob/ 53.35 min.


Ran 5.31 mi./ 42.00 min. with the Sunshine of Sunshines through the hills

Walked 3.25 mi. with the girls, the husband, and the Bob with lots of visits

Well, the norovirus knocked out every member of my family except for me this week (knock on wood), and I thank good hand-washing, a good husband, a good sister-in-law, and Bragg Organic Apple Cider Vinegar.


My sis-in-law recommended it after she used it successfully after catching the virus (after watching my girls, no less. She’s a rockstar). We bought some at Whole Foods and at Vons.

So three times a day, I’ve been sipping glasses of ACV and water.


Bottoms up!

I have nothing to lose in drinking easter egg dye, and so far, it’s worked!

I was most concerned that I would catch the noro and lose strength and training days, but I’ve been able to keep up my training schedule for May’s Mountains to Beach mary, my first full ever!

Since beginning taking classes at M6, my hip flexors have been incredibly sore, so I decided to take it easy on Saturday’s run. That also meant that you-know-who tagged along.


I like matching my dog.

In a most eventful run, we were unexpectedly rained on (LOVED!), and a gnat flew into my eye and I got crapped on by a seagull (no bueno).



It wasn’t really a crappy run, though.

I crack myself up!

Thank goodness my trainer was around to supervise foam rolling:


Thanks, Coach!

She’s got no sense of personal space.

Today’s longish run was physically easy, but mentally terrible. I put the Super Bowl on my iPad:


Genius. I don’t know why I haven’t done this before.

But the game was slow, and the commercials online were the same four or five (the only real reason why I watch the Super Bowl).

After Be’ and DESTINY’S CHILD amazeballs halftime show was so electric that it caused a power outage,


Taking pictures while running is not easy.

I switched to Pandora for my last four miles. I had to stop anyway, since the TM automatically stops after 60 minutes.

11 miles on a TM during the Super Bowl. This is why long-distance runners are loners, weirdos, and all-aroud wacky lonely.


In other news, I made dinner (again!) for my family:


Just call me Susie Homemaker!

Top Chef in this kitchen! This was the spinach ravioli from Costco, and it was surprisingly tasty. Highly recommended.

Lastly, we’ve been sequestered due to the 3-day contagious period of the norovirus (don’t want to spread the wealth!), and my spectacular mom surprised us by  bringing us our favorite Channel Islands Farmer’s Market treats this afternoon:



We’re so blessed over here. It’s unreal.

Well, have a great week! My goals for this week are to take two barre classes and to get one speed work day in.

What are your goals for the week?