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Today: 5.25 mi. on the TM

Yesterday: 3.65 mi. walk through the ‘hood with the 2XBob and the furry girls/ 52.30 min.

The husband’s work schedule has been all over the place, which has made it fun to find the motivation to get my workouts in. I’ve found it’s much easier if I have a steady routine to stick to a plan.

I guess that’s why God created chocolate.


Part of the stockpile.

I wasn’t feeling drained after work today, so I thought I’d get in some faster-paced running on the ‘mill, which made chocolate a good fuel option. For me.

I’m not a nutritionist, people. I just like chocolate and I like to run.


And wine. Can’t forget wine. Source

At incline 1, I ran a warm-up mile at an 8:00 pace, then kept speeding up until I finished the last half mile at a 6:58 pace.

Then, Coach Ruby instructed me to stand around in the icy cold pool. Such a professional.


You misunderstood! I said to let ME take an ice bath!

That dog has got her paw in everything I do.

Tomorrow morning, Veronique and I are planning on taking a barre class at M6

Wish me luck!

In free stuff news, Skinny Runner is giving away these crazy cool wireless earbuds by Jaybird. Enter by Friday at 9 AM PST to win.

What do you listen to when you run?