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70 min. barre class at M6

6.53 easy, hilly miles/ 51:35 min.

Sometimes when I’m in the barre class at M6, I have to remind myself that I gave birth to two children. Without meds. That’s how hard they are.

Luckily, my girl Veronique and I are black swans in training work hard to get stronger together!

Be jealous. That's all.

Be jealous. That’s all.

Ok, so we’re still working on our form. Working out with friends is always better than doing it alone. So there.

Michelle’s barre class was so hard today that I was worried I wouldn’t be able to muster up the strength to hit the hills of Wildwood. But after hitting up Paciugo to collect some gelato-goodness for my step-dad’s b-day, which, in turn, inspired me to make an affogato, my hope was regained.



I always sample the new flavors, but I always end up with stracciatella. It’s a habit I formed when I went to school in Firenze with Jeneration.

Once you go stracci, you won’t go back.

Lazytown, USA.

Lazytown, USA.

I heart espresso so hard.

I’m convinced it helped my run this afternoon seem easier than it should have been. Either that or the speedy(ish) TM running I’ve been doing.

My running idol/mentor told me that she sometimes does some quick speedwork before a race because once she starts at a race-pace, it doesn’t seem as fast.

She may be onto something!

Working on their form.

Working on their form, not their speed. Source.

Feel the rhythm. Feel the rhyme. Get on up, it’s marathon time!

Come on… I had to!

Because I’m full-marrying for the first time at the Mountains 2 Beach in May, I’ve been dedicated to trying my hardest to avoid injury, which means after every run, I’ve taken the advice of my trainer, Ruby Sunshine:

I'll give you anything you want if you let me in!

I’ll give you anything you want if you let me in!

Why would you listen to a red golden retriever? Since you're in there, can you grab my ball?

Why would you listen to a golden retriever who’s not even golden? Since you’re in there, can you grab my ball?

It’s actually only uncomfortable for the first few seconds. Then my legs to numb.

Finally, this is why I chose Ruby to be my coach:

She's got the focus of... well, at least she was into the Puppy Bowl.

She’s got the focus of… well, at least she was into the Puppy Bowl.

Happy Wednesday, people!

Who was your favorite dog in the Puppy Bowl?

Because you know you flipped the channel to watch for just a little bit.

If not, you’re a cold-hearted snake.

Or you just like cats.